Thursday, September 25, 2008

Venezuela Consolidates Relationships with China, Russia

As American imperial ambitions grow larger, the countries of the Second World have begun to unite. Today, Venezuela announced a new oil deal with China that will next year supply the Chinese with 500 thousand barrels of oil each day. Hugo Chavez said of the deal and snub of Americans as, "It is clearly a gesture against the Americans. We do not need you."

Chavez's statement echoes the feeling of many other world leaders with less than amiable relationships with the United States. Instead of enticing smaller, up and coming but less wealthy nations to trade with America, our country has shunned them aside. Now they search for new opportunities, regardless of political ideology or ramifications from the once economic booming financial world power. In a matter of a decade, America has made many enemies and gained little economic progress. In addition, our international trade relations have been irreparably damaged, perhaps for decades.

Venezuela also enjoys a strong relationship with Russia. Recently, their navy started to train on military exercises with the Russian navy. In addition, relationships between China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran have strengthened since 2000. iA formal military alliance between these nations may be in the near future.

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