Monday, September 8, 2008

Reality on the Rise

The Men in Black had come to town. Suited with full body armor, and manned with long wooden poles, rifles and stun devices, they stood a solid black wall, everywhere to keep guard over the Pig's Eye. Around each corner and under every sidewalk crevice they poured out, like little ants ejected from their fire pit hell of a home.

A dark cloud descended over the city, blocking the sunlight from playfully tickling the fine dry waves of wheat. Thunder and lightning marked the arrival, and in the tumult of a thousand screaming patriots, their black fuming gas brought a death-filled silence. Corpses laid strewn through the black mass, beaten and lifeless on the cold ground.

As they speed further and further, occupying the American city, they reached out like tentacles from an alien creature, and even engulfed those nearby who watched with consternation.

A son told his mother to shut up and move aside, after all, everyone was an enemy combatant. And as the prison cells filled up, the few left on the street began to realize the danger that faced them. This behemoth would kill without discretion, and especially target those who stood in its way.

By this time, the tentacles had reached so far, those on the outskirts of the city could see the damage, destruction, and death that now seeped into their homes.

And maybe only few said a word, scared to death for their lives. But most frightening of all, they knew it would be back, and with its return, the new target, the hive!

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