Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paulson, Secretary of Treasury - The New Executive

Over the weekend. the executive branch came up with a stunning proposal to the nation's current economic crisis. As the US Treasury advocates the $800 billion dollar plan to Congress, many questions about the plan simple have not been asked or even considered by the mainstream media, especially with the sum making up the cost of what would be three more wars of Iraq-scale. With the proposed bill, the Paulson would become the decision maker for all appropriations delivered through Congress, essentially giving him the key to all of the money the federal government operates on. Paulson would practically become a second Executive Branch of himself without any accountability to the federal courts or Congress. With such a great power grab, Paulson would become America's new dictator.

Even more alarming, if the Fed prints $1 trillion out of thin air to pay for the painful mortgage crisis, just imagine the effect such an action would have on the US dollar. Already slipping from gold ($780/oz two weeks ago to $900/oz today), the US dollar is in serious danger of witnessing a major devaluation of the currency. Much like Central European nations in the 1950s when the Communist Party devalued currencies across the continent, the US citizens would be hit hard and all their assets once deemed untouchable would become in serious danger.

Such a serious and sweeping power of the legislation proves its deeply flawed and opportunist mold. In a plan to devalue the currency and send the American middle class scrambling for survival, the Treasury has now threatened our nation into financial crisis far behind what could have been even imaginable months ago. Paulson and his sadistic band of thieves must be stopped, before the strike decisively for the ultimate last grab.

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