Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Economic Crisis in the Empire

Every day, the government aims to bail out more and more financial firms in the wake of the US (and even global) economic downturn. And each time another acronym firm like AIG is forced under the wing of the government, the American citizen is expected to pay for the bailouts with their own hard-earned deposit money.

When no accountability exists in any kind of form, what are we to expect next from our do-all, help no one but CEO government? Nothing, and not even nothing at all, but rather more taking away from the people to fund a fatally flawed military and financial empire. Americans will ever see their savings shrinking in the form of a hidden tax the Federal Reserve often uses, inflation. And as food prices spiral out of control, the People will pay dearly for such nationalizations of industry and socialistic takeovers. And who will hold our representatives to their sworn duty to the Constitution and this nation?

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