Thursday, October 29, 2009

Predator Drone: License to Kill

The Predator drone aircraft is unquestionably one of the deadliest of all new U.S. military machines. Soaring thousands of feet above the clouds without making hardly a peep, its use in Iraq and in particular Afghanistan has shown its extraordinary might.

Controlled remotely in places like military bases outside Las Vegas, Nevada, the unmanned vehicle has become one of the most agile in covertly tracking and killing the enemy with precision-guided accuracy. Its awesome power for destruction has dazzled military planners and defense contractors. Those on the ground however, who feel its wrath are among the most unsuspecting and explainably so sometimes due to the complete ignorance caused by innocence.

Its use along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border won praise for disarming supposed jihadic extremists and spiked heated criticism for blameworthy actions that repeatedly result in scores of deaths of helpless civilians.

And in these horrifying and strikingly unjust events, new questions are arising as to the legality of aircraft operations predicated on such premises of preemptive strike. RawStory reports that the head of the UN department on Extrajudicial Executions Philip Alston criticized the United States' use of Predator drones in Afghanistan. He explained that, "The onus is really on the United States government to reveal more about the ways in which it makes sure that arbitrary extrajudicial executions aren't in fact being carried out through the use of these weapons."

The Predator drone made its first active appearance in the United States in early 2009 when NORAD began U.S.-Canada border patrol exercises in the sparsely populated region between Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota. While it is not reported if these drones have strike capability, common sense would infer if not, to add that feature would not pose great difficulties.

The Predator is a silent killer, essentially an experimental weapon used much as the new Luftwaffe fighter planes that bombed Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. With little research on the Predator's implications, its bounds for proper legal civilian patrol use hang in limbo. However, the UN's astounding report gives legal precedent to investigate claims of predatory abuse in extrajudicial summary executions. To debate this so-called "off-limits" topic will only allow the People decide what's truly best in public use of these towering observant strikers.

Predators need not prey on Afghans or whoever for that matter as their touted "successes" almost ensure wider future use. In arming our technology we must be certain our justice does not become overzealous, and our strengths do not become our weaknesses.

It is imperative that the question of Predator drones be engaged and their wasteful and abusive actions ended.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Defense Bill: Waste to the Core

Today, President Barack Obama lauded the congressional passage of a $680 billion defense spending bill as a shining example of cutting waste in government. But rather than talk about its entirely unnecessarily bloated price tag, he touched on the impressiveness of truly menial cuts in defense spending.

Meanwhile, funding for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan skyrocket as well over $200 billion has become the standard yearly expenditure, nearly one-third of all defense dollars go to fortify occupations there. In addition, much of the remaining tainted funny money will be used to prop up the overstretched U.S. military presence worldwide.

Currently, the U.S. has over 700 military installation in over 130 nations. These occupations include such notable allies as Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Italy and Saudi Arabia. According to famed historian and Japanese-American foreign policy expert Chalmers Johnson, thus far only the Philippines, Spain and in 2009 Ecuador, are the only nations which have quite literally expelled American bases and troops.

Strangely enough the bill includes a hate crime provision making it a federal offense to assault someone based on gender, race or sexual orientation and another provision which effectively denies Guantanamo Bay captives entry into the United States and ensuring its continued existence. These addendum so obviously reveal the sharply quixotic "partisan" divide gripping the pigheadedly unthoughtful and downright arrogant ruling class.

To call such an atrociously wasteful bill a cost saving measure, a "victory" for America is a bold faced lie.

Sure, it may cut out the extreme, but with President Obama poised to send another 40,000 'over the top', this exaggerated claim only will foretell the real spending crisis awaiting the U.S. military and ultimately, the American People.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dithered Dictation

When General Stanley McChrystal first asked fora second massive troop surge, this time to send 40,000 plus to Afghanistan, the shock of such an astoundingly serious announcement begged for a pause. And so President Obama deferred to respond ilico. And to everyone's relief, our commander-in-chief thoughtfully requested a wider review for American policy in Afghanistan and the greater region.

However, that review that continues today echoes its own presence in reports as largely that of a military nature that neglects the importance of diplomatic and cultural centered efforts.

At that time, in mid-September 2009, President Obama reassured the war-weary public a new plan would be afoot within "a matter of weeks." Yet, as more heated war cries came from the more bigoted tics in Congress, the semblance of strategy the executive desperately sought to hatch.

Upon reports in early October from a BBC journalist that the decision had already been made to send 45,000 more Americans, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs denied the assertion and placated that a decision would be reached "in weeks." The end of summer and apex of autumn has respectively passed and crested and still no decision has been made.

With the onset of the November 7 Afghan "election," and holiday times approaching rapidly in America, a decision now to send tens of thousands of Americans into a brutal and desperately murderous situation could effectively incite massive uproar among the general public. By going with no strategy at all for 9 plus months and kicking the horribly bloodied can farther down the road, the War in Afghanistan entering its ninth year is about to unravel and explode.

Simply, President Obama's general strategy in every field has been to have no real strategy at all. And by campaigning on the promise to widen the War in Afghanistan to the tune of thunderous applause, the American people have given him and all future executives the power to wage war indefinitely. Rolling with the political winds without any root in principle or practice proves a dangerous experiment.

So detestable is the unlimited power ceded to the "well-meaning" authorities whose blatant lies and empty promises quell the masses into silent destitution. It is no mystery imperial wars and occupations are repeatedly unsustainable and inherently flawed beyond correction. And after a near decade of such fatal folly, there is no question an end will at eventually come. But when?

For now, that question lies in the hands of the warring purveyor of "peace".

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kinky for Governor

Just in time to add to the excitement surrounding the 2010 elections, Kinky Friedman has announced that he will run for Governor of Texas as a Democrat in 2010.

In a sharp worded statement, Friedman blasted Governor Rick Perry, accusing him of corruption and ill will during his ten-year span in office. Addressing criminal justice reform, DailyBeast reports Friedman charged that, "He fast-tracked the execution of this innocent guy, Cameron Todd Willingham. That’s blood on his Christian hands [...] There are plenty of innocent people in this corrupt justice system, but Rick is more concerned with protecting that system."

Now that puts some spunk into a race which so far has been a dead-winded uninspiring image-conscious campaigning of Governor Perry and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Both Republicans are well known to be deeply connected to the neo-conservative political machine.

Kinky, who garnered 13% of the gubernatorial vote in 2006 as an independent, won fame for his trademark humorous style and stature, often adorned by a signature black cowboy hat and a protruding unlit cigar. Richard "Kinky" Friedman first won recognition in the 1960s and 1970s as a country western musician and humorist. His most popular outfit, the Texas Jewboys, cultivated renown for their whimsically satirical fun-loving tunes.

Kinky the politician, a self-styled populist holds moderate views based on fiscal responsibility, the promotion of alternative fuels, combating political corruption and advocating personal freedom. During the 2006 Texas Gubernatorial debates he repeatedly called for the legalization of gambling on games of chance in Texas.

Earlier this year, Kinky divulged his interest in running for Governor in 2010 when he implied in an interview that celebrity actor Al Franken's close win over incumbent Norm Coleman to take a U.S. Senate seat in representation of Minnesota proved the ability for any "nobody" as himself to run and even win.

And so Kinky will do so. It is unclear what other ambitions could lay wake in Kinky's improbable but very possible bid to the charred Texas Governor's Mansion. But one thing is for sure, Kinky is in the race and his passionate vision for the future of Texas will at last become apparent.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TASER Admits Torture

For the first time since its founding, TASER announced yesterday to police departments nationwide the danger of using the TASER stun-gun on people's chest cavities and torso. In a shocking reversal, TASER's admission is further proof that TASER as a non-lethal weapon is untested and unfit for law enforcement use.

TASER now recognizes for the first time the danger of its product, which according to RawStory, Amnesty International reports has caused over 350 deaths since 2001. In classic gaffe fashion, RawStory investigates that TASER's statement warned, "When possible, avoiding chest shots with ECDs (Electronic Control Devices) avoids the controversy about whether ECDs do or do not affect the human heart." Seemingly someone got the message at TASER that their product is just a bit dangerous.

In a slew of high profile taserings since 2007, America has witnessed the tasering of a University of Florida student asking Senator John Kerry a question, a 12 year old boy being ran over and killed while on a bicycle as a Florida police officer attempting to perform a drive-by tasering, and a defiant 70 plus year old grandmother from Austin, Texas, all receiving near-deadly shocks throughout their bodies.

While the TASER devices are promoted as solutions to lethal arbitration with "non-lethal warfare", one has to ask, what did police do before 2000 when TASER wasn't around? Maybe they had to work a little harder in apprehending the few bad apples, but for the vast majority, the threat of TASER maiming or killing innocents is not worth the risk.

Louis Farrakhan exposes 9/11

Louis Farrakhan exposes 9/11

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iran: Genie of the Bottle

A blast from a suicide bomber in southeastern Iran last weekend ripped through a soccer stadium killing over 40 soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, including two high ranking generals. RawStory reports top troop deputy General Nur-Ali Shushtari and General Mohammad-Zadeh of the local province were killed in the attack. It is the first known suicide bombing of its kind in Iran's history.

And while the Islamic Sunni terrorist group Jundallah, prominent around the Iranian-Afghan border, claimed credit for the attack, Iranian authorities confidently accuse the death strike as the results of a British and American covert operation. Interestingly enough, the attack contains all the hallmarks of a well-scoped highly organized and infiltrating scheme.

Meanwhile, Iranian officials met in Geneva yesterday with Western politicians in talks surrounding enrichment of uranium, which Iran maintains is a national right. Western offers included an unattractive Western-tied aid package for cheap uranium to be sent from the West to Iran, but what Iranians argue will compromise their national sovereignty. At the behest of war-baiting repetitive threats by the United States and others, Iran is in a tight situation yet ironically empowered by the same idiosyncrasies which threaten to destroy them.

In early 2008, President Ahmadenijad announced the "end of the American Empire" after it became clear America's economic superiority was slipping away. And not to forget, after a devastating seven successive years of international wars and the continuation of decades of post-WWII occupation in Europe, Asia and around the globe.

Now it appears Iran is poised to bank on Ahmadenijad's prediction and may not want to sign away precious energy rights in perpetuity to settle what they view as a non-issue. To them, talk of secret weapons programs are only the grim specter of death of a war-hawking West. Iran will do everything to assert its peaceful right to efficient energy.

Yet, there remains no doubt the recent surprise attack does not help move Iran to an imposed settlement that would be clearly on the West's terms.

Iran will remain independent and despite a recently passed investment boycott, essentially an all-out embargo on Iran by the United States, Iran is ever emboldened to assert its place as a respected equal among nations. And with the Western propaganda for war on the wane, Iran may well receive qualified support from the West bloc's more peaceful and sensible nations.

Covert operations are known to go back in Iran as far back as 2005 in recent times and in the larger scheme, back to the early 1950's. Yet this high profile assassination only underscores the range and intensity of the underground war. In intimidation of Iran, these chilling attacks and direct interferences in internal affairs have tempered leadership and prepared them for more hard-nosed bouts ahead.

Even as tensions grow, a sweet calm approaches and hope remains for a true peace. A lasting peace will continue to be elusive and perhaps even impossible given the current bully-style intimidation exuded by ever self-asserting nations. Still yet, a temporary pause may expose obvious contradictions and bold lies to bring in a more egalitarian era of true international cooperation and peace.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forever Young

Last Saturday marked a day of nationwide protest against U.S. interventionist policy abroad. Groups gathered in a plethora of cities to protest the current two wars which mindlessly continue after the Bush/Cheney PR-billboard was painted over.

The numbers of participants limited, criticism abounds. Critics' vocalizations however tend only to mock and contribute to the sadly successive procession of co-opting the silent majority.

For those who think critically and can recognize this pattern of deceit, an open book of possibilities will follow and enable them to attempt with certainty an answer to these trying desperate questions. And when these ideas are leaked and disseminated into the general cultural psyche, there can be no box big enough in which to contain its expansive influence.

And those who doubt our belittled passionaires of history and truth, they too soon will become overwhelmed by the boundless tide of revelation and swept away to equally righteous conclusions.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moscow, Washington Spar

In a continuation of Cold War rivalry, on Thursday the United States and Russia exchanged a slew of rhetorical blows over what appears to be U.S. plans for a Missile Defense System in Ukraine and Georgia. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybakov announced that the United States’ secret plans to install the proposed system would threaten global stability and peace.

Mr. Rybakov‘s comments came in a mere month after the U.S. scrapped plans to build a Missile Defense System in Europe with a massive radar and base in the Czech Republic and the installation of ten nuclear missile interceptors in Poland. While not reported in the American press, an overwhelmingly majority of Poles and Czechs polled vehemently opposed plans to station U.S. soldiers accompanying the system within their borders.

The news from Russia plays even as a surprise to Americans as high level government and military officials have secretly hatched the plan to keep alive the Reaganite dream of ”Star Wars.” And to no surprise, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is one of the program’s greatest champions.

Not unlike in 1997 when President Clinton voiced support for missile defense in newer NATO countries in Central Europe, the surprise revelation could be the beginning of a long, drawn out process that could very well lead to great U.S. intervention and troop occupations in the world.

Russia asserts it can call some shots. And considering that its foreign policy is not suicidal and logical for their purpose, perhaps it would be a good idea to listen and heed their warnings.

Russian ministers spoke out in protest of the expansion of the U.S. radar and missile systems into non-NATO nations, and in general, the expansion of U.S. military bases.

So far, the U.S. leadership only turned a deaf ear and so much like the debacle in Central Europe, have begun to lay a stone wall. Yet, it is becoming increasingly obvious that not listening will no longer be an option.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Social Security: Dead or Alive

Today brought a shocking announcement that for the first time since 1975, Social Security will not give out payments which account for inflation and further devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

Social Security continues as the worst performance out of any government tax and subsidy plan that exists. The saddest part is that millions of Americans are constantly giving their federal taxes to support themselves in retirement. There remains no question that a devalued dollar and a hyper-inflated economy is poised to completely master the system.

Al Gore promised in 2000 to puts Social Security in a "lock-box." But since then, Social Security has hardly played any role in the political debate. No doubt, it deserves criticism for its evident flaws and dubious practices.

When introduced in 1935, Social Security taxes accounted for only a fraction of a percent of tax on a citizen's hours of labor. Social Security requires each American to have a Social Security issued-number to hold a job, and gives each American a "special number" tied to all financial, health and other transactions they will make in their life.

Besides the point, President Barack Obama showed his disregard for the People's liberty when after laundry-listing America's problems he derided that, "after we deal with all of that, then we'll start to look at Social Security."

It is now common knowledge across America that Social Security is in a crisis and that with the aging of the "Baby-Boomers" generation, current taxpayers (with a decreased workforce of 5 million in the past year) will hardly be able to pay for their parents, much less enjoy any benefits themselves.

It is doubtful Social Security reform will come, rather it'll continue as a broken system with devalued purchasing power and an ever decreasing credibility. When confronted honestly, FDR's promise to America is looking more like a purposely-made mistake.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

45,000 to Afghanistan

Yesterday, the BBC broke the story that United States President Barack Obama has already decided to send 45,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan according to an unidentified source of the British government. That would push U.S. presence in Afghanistan to well over 110,000 soldiers, an increase from the 10,000 who overthrew the Taliban in 2001, and an increase from the 40,000 who were stationed there in 2008.

While White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs denied this claim, this potential decision would put the number of U.S. troops occupying both Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010 at an astounding 260,000. At the height of troop levels under former President George W. Bush, there was a maximum of 180,000 soldiers in the two nations.

The jury has spoken, but where is the judge?

Ron Paul: Saving Face in Afghanistan

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas with his weekly "Texas Straight Talk" address on October 12, 2009.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Speech: Pre-Crime

As America stands at the 220 year benchmark of the codification of free-speech as a human right, many wonder whether this right as recognized by the United States Constitution will survive the 21st century. The idea of banning free speech in America is no longer a thing of conspiracy theory as recent events prove.

Images of Americans being forcibly removed from townhalls held on healthcare for simply asking questions of their elected representatives presents our current dilemma. Even worse, in double retaliation, the cable news networks barrage these same Americans for speaking out. After all, recent polls show that a clear majority do not want the government healthcare plan. Most simply do not believe any so-called reform can truly lower costs and improve healthcare nationwide.

Yet, with even greater sheaths of terror, we may look upon the notable protesters at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh in September. For merely exercising their human right to free speech they were gassed and used as guinea pigs for such controversial non-lethal weapons as LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) which blasts sirens at over 160 decibels, proved to cause permanent hearing damage and in some cases cellular damage. Without question, all of this was done with the explicit aim of neutralizing protests and killing any remnant of free speech.

In 2008, a group known as the RNC 8 made national headlines after being pre-emptively arrested and charged in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after federal investigators and prosecutors accused them of plotting to incite riot in order to commit terrorist acts during the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

The evidence? Police claimed bags of urine as proof that they planned to disrupt the RNC despite the clear facts that it was protected by a slew of highly trained national security teams including the FBI, CIA, DEA, local and state police, U.S. Marshalls, the BCA (Bureau of Criminal Activiy) and countless other block-op groups trained in military sedition and execution. The absurd claims were later thrown out of court despite attempts to prosecute the protestors under provisions of the state-wide Minnesota PATRIOT Act. Even the bags of urine turned out to be nothin more than the running of the wild imaginations of police provocateurs.

As a notable protest group, the "infamous" RNC 8's only crime was to advocate peaece and enact their human right to free speech to alert others. And if such an act can qualify as "pre-crime" and arrests may be made before any acts are committed, then isn't free speech in danger of becoming a crime? Then isn't everyone, no matter what they do, possibly liable to become a criminal?

Only by mass distortion are such paradigms acceptable.

The new G.I.V.E. Act (Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act), signed into law by President Obama in late April 2009 contains provisions which confirm this subtle yet real arrangement. Under Section 125 of the G.I.V.E. Act, those serving in nationally approved civil service positions a list of prohibited activities are given. Among these are:

"attempting to influence legislation, organizing or engaging in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes, impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements, engaging in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office, [and even]engaging in religious instruction, [and] conducting worship services."

While the G.I.V.E. Act may seem obscure, it is only one piece in completing a carefully constructed puzzle to tyranny. Before more legislation attempts similar conditions in broader settings, it is essential to recognize we stand at the crux of free speech. Free speech can no longer be tossed around as a "political issue." In a free society, it is a human right, and that in itself is undeniable.

We are entering a bold phase of humanity where pre-crime notions of Orwell and Huxley now breathe.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Chavez Rips Obama, U.S. Imperialism

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez responded today to U.S. President Barack Obama being named the 2009 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

In classic stoicism, Chavez asked, "What has Obama done to deserve this prize? The jury put store on his hope for a nuclear arms-free world, forgetting his role in perpetuating his battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his decision to install new military bases in Colombia." According to Reuters, he continued that, "For the first time, we are witnessing an award with the nominee having done nothing to deserve it: rewarding someone for a wish that is very far from becoming reality."

Chavez as a detractor is not alone as many world leaders from President Ahmadenijad from Iran and Fidel Castro of Cuba criticized the Nobel Committee's selection for the peace prize.

Chavez went on to provide a poignant analogy, noting that awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is equivalent to giving a prize to a baseball pitcher who merely boasts that he will win 50 games in a year. And for once, perhaps the American people vastly agree with Mr. Chavez's outspoken position.

Cap and Trade Farce

A video produced by MacIver Institute highlights the problems of cap and trade tax legislation's goal of decreasing CO2 emissions by 80 percent.

Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama Joins Henry Kissinger: Nobel Prize

President Barack H. Obama today joined an elite club with a suprisingly paradoxical paradigm. Yes, that's right, Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize admist the U.S. occupation of Iraq, which has continued for 6+ years unceased, the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, which has continued for 8 years in utter chaos, and in an international atmosphere that is formally and aggressively provoking a confrontation with embattled Iran.

And the peace prize goes to...

the man leading a country consumed with two wars,
and perhaps in pursuit of another,
and without much public legitimacy,
with no end in sight.

It seems somewhat of a paradox, but then look at some of the former Nobel Peace Prize winners like Henry Kissinger, whose escalation of interventionist U.S. policy in southeast Asia garnered well-deserved hate for his actions across America. Nevertheless, the leaders who falter, know it, but will not change it or speak out against out are lauded as saviors to all of our grave misfortunes.

Over 1 million people have died in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. These include nearly 5,000 U.S. combat deaths, not including the equal proportion of casualties sustained by private military contractors. The total number of Afghans dead in the war in Afghanistan is untracked and unknown, although best estimates put it in the tens of thousands range. That occupation has continued unabated since October 2001. And not only did the recent U.S. occupation pose challenges, but Afghanistan has withstood the increasing pressure of the U.S. and Russian interests since the late 1970s. Meanwhile, international sanctions against Iran seem inevitable, and constant rumours portend an Israeli or American strike.

When asked the reason for these military interventions, these open-ended occupations and military industrial schemes based on the idea of "white man's burden", the exalted leaders categorically reply with little candor or courage to speak and act on the truth. Instead, tepidness and "bi-partisanship" in feeling out political waters simply mars the ability to make informed decisions and conscious choices about the right thing to do.

Instead of focusing on what's best for the American People, we all too often focus on who's up or down in the popularity contest of figures and cliques. If peace and freedom were easy to obtain, it'd be no problem to elect a new figurehead and the next day we'd be free and separated from the shock and horror that's surrounded us for the past decade. But that is not the case and rather freedom is something to be fought for, admired, and contested for on all grounds.

Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize will make President Obama a little more conscientious about his decisions on the battlefield, particularly when his Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told press that coming out of Afghanistan is not an option. But maybe, the good thing out of this contradictory occurrence is that the American people are really the ones being lauded and encouraged, perhaps so much so that this stark contradiction may move them to action to oppose the proclaimed hero's war policies which every day are becoming more obviously in defect and undesirable.

It is unclear where this odd gift of admiration will lead, but one thing's for sure, this strange fruit is nothing new.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Contempt for America, American Patriots

Yesterday in Rochester, New York, dozens of people gathered for an anti-war march protesting the escalation of war in Afghanistan. While these American patriots attempted to be heard and took brave steps to assert their First Amendment and human rights of free speech, little could be done to stop the contempt-filled police who showed little regard for the rule of law.

After brutally beating and slamming several young protestors' faces into a concrete sidewalk, the police have the audacity to tell one young American he is being arrested "for swearing."

The protests will continue nationwide on Saturday, October 17 as groups across several major cities will be holding anti-war demonstrations.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Technology without Reason: DHS Plans to Scan Bodily Functions

In the strangest yet predictable twist in the eight year long Department of Homeland Security saga, CNN reports that the DHS is planning to enact the use of bodily function scanners in selective airports in two short years. This high-tech surveillance initiative which reports has been dubbed FAST (Future Attribute Scanning Technology) seeks to measure such functions as personal heartbeat, eye movement and even muscle twitch data that would be compiled into a fused database used for screening purposes. This sort of lie detector would then place travelers through the appropriate screening process levels according to the perceived threat they could pose. Hence, if an extrapolation of the data reaches conclusions that a person may be in some way nervous or uncomfortable, any accusation of that could be considered probable cause for futher investigation and detention.

While government officials are lauding FAST as a way to combat terrorism and get closer to isolating unruly flyers as potential threats, the program has little scientific value. It is a mere tool to gather information that never will qualify as conclusive reason for needed interrogation or detention. It is simply absurd that through detections of bodily functions one can determine another's sole intent in acting in a certain fashion. This scheme is no other than a data-mining operation launched for the sheer purpose of getting more information on citizens, information which may be used after the fact to stipulate and accuse of them of wrongdoing and misconduct.

These sort of guilty-until-proven-innocent paradigms are dangerous to liberty and a direct violation of innate human rights. The creation of a science of "microexpressions" is a precursor and a promoter of pre-crime conviction and an evil that defies logic itself. The Orwellian Department of Homeland Security's continued march toward fascism is a crime of grand proportions and a farce of security.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Protestors, Sheehan Arrested Outside White House

Yesterday, dozens of protestors were arrested outside of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. during a street action orchestrated to hand-deliver a letter to President Obama endorsing ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Among those arrested was famed "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan whose son Casey died in Iraq in 2004.

Protestors chanted peace slogans and shouted past the gates toward the White House lawn in order to try to get the White House's attention. Sheehan, who gained notoriety in 2005 in her peace efforts at "Camp Casey" outside of former President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch, chained herself to the White House gates standing defiantly and recited from the Internatonal People's Declaration of Peace. She wore a black shirt that read, "Greed Kills."

Many of the protestors dressed as U.S. military Afghan terror captives in uniform orange jumpsuits and dark black hoods covering their heads. Reminiscent of pictures from Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and other hotspots of American detainee torture and abuse, several protestors opted to keep wearing their dark wool hoods as Capitol Police cuffed and led them away.

Before protestors were led away, Capitol Police appeared on horseback with a ground police unit as well which quickly surrounded the impromptu protestors peacefully gathering on Pennsylvania Avenue. Thronged by black shirted squadrons, arrest was an evidently imminent priority for District of Columbia Police although no violations or incitements were being made.

While the mainstream media has declared the anti-war movement dead and mocked it for its dereliction of duty, this high-profile protest is a dim light in a dark abyss. As neither of these accusations hold true, it is only all the more evident that the high-handed intimidation tactics used by local and federal officials to stymie and stifle free speech is the real mockery and danger the media should highlight. The erosion of civil rights has reached a point in America where any political speech is now considered suspect and reasonable cause for arrest and harrasment. Until public outlook on this basic and genuine human freedom changes in favor of those who wish to voice when given no voice, a dark road of suppression and denial awaits us.

Coming Soon: Fall of the Republic

Fall of the Republic - Release Date October 21