Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A stranger stood at the gates of Hell,
And the Devil himself had answered the bell,
He looked him over from head to toe
And said, "My friend, I'd like to know
What have you done in the line of sin
To entitle you to come within?
Franklin D. with his usual guile
Stepped forth and flashed his toothy smile
"When I took charge in thirty-three
A nation's faith was mine," said he
"I promised this and I promised that
And I calmed them down with a fireside chat.
I spent their money on fishing trips
And fished from the decks of their battleships
I gave them jobs on the P.W.A.
Then raised their taxes and took it away.
I raised their wages and closed their shops
I killed their pigs and burned their crops.
I double-crossed both old and young
And still the fools my praises sung.
I brought back beer and what do you think?
I taxed it so high they couldn't drink.
I furnished money with Government loans
When they missed a payment, I took their homes,
When I wanted to punish the folks, you know,
I'd put my wife on the radio.
I paid them to let their farms lie still
And imported foodstuffs from Brazil
I curtailed crops when I felt real mean
And Shipped in corn from the Argentine.
When they'd start to worry, stew and fret
I'd get them to chanting the alphabet
With the A.A.A. and the N.L.B.
The P.W.A. and the C.C.C.
With these many units I got their goats
And still I crammed it down their throats
My workers worked with the speed of snails
While the taxpayers chewed their fingernails
When the organizers needed dough,
I closed the plant for the C.I.O.
I ruined jobs and I ruined health
And I put the screws on the Rich Man's wealth
And some who couldn't stand the gaff,
Would call on me and how I'd laugh
When they got too strong on certain things,
I'd pack and head for old Warm Springs,
I ruined their country, their homes and then,
I placed the blame on "Nine Old Men"
How, Franklin talked both long and loud
And the Devil stood and his head he bowed
At last he said, "Let's make it clear,
You'll have to move, you can't stay here.
For once you mingle with this mob,
I'll have to hunt myself a job.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Bill Fails in House

Today, the House voted on the Financial Markets Bill, HR 3997, that would have given dictatorial powers to the Treasury. In a stunning vote, the Nays took the day with 228 against the bill and 205 supporting it. A valiant effort, the brave 228 should be praised! They were not afraid of the Executive's and Parties' leaderships' intimidation and stood up for their constituents.

As for the other 205 slobs who would rather see citizens starve than a few billionaires go bust, I say kick them out!!! Election day is little over a month away and those who side with the Elite instead of with the People better watch out. We're not as stupid as they think we are!

Ron Paul: Bailout will Destroy Dollar, World Economy

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lawsuit to Save Earth

In a two-month long repair for malfunctions experienced only weeks after its triumphant start, the Large Hadron Collider deep under Geneva, Switzerland, rests peacefully after a federal lawsuit to shut down the particle collider was dismissed in Hawaii. Two citizens sued to shut down the collider due to the risks of the creation of dark matter, which according to some physicists, could instantly swallow the Universe. But, US District Judge Helen Gilmor dismissed the case, citing the fact that the federal government does not have jurisdiction over the collider located in Switzerland.

The United States originally planned to host a particle collider in the early 1990s. However, after construction began and the collider was built underground surrounding Waxahachie, Texas, Congress refused to fund the remainder of the massively expensive and unsure project. While most scientists deny that the creation of dark matter could destroy Earth and the Universe, a strong contingency believes the inherent danger is too grave to be risked. Their research shows that there is probability of catastrophe.

The Might of Sovereignty

As reported last week, the United States and Pakistan shared an intensely tenuous moment when American helicopters incurred across the Afghan border and into the sovereign nation. Giving a stern warning, the Pakistani military fired warning flares, and a short exchange of warning shots, prompting the Americans to leave and return back into the seven year old colony. In the Khost Province right across the border, the American military has been known in the past months to pursue terrorists into Pakistan, incurring anger from Pakistani officials. While the military dictator Perez Musharraf might have encouraged such blatant violations of national sovereignty, the new Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari, will not allow it. The widower of recently assassinated Benzair Bhutto sent a strong message to the United States: respect our borders.

Even in the midst of a region engulfed with a US militaristic nation-building enterprise, Pakistan is not afraid to stand down. Not only must they deal with American incursions, but also historically tenuous relations with nuclear neighbor India, and China's growing influence in their hemisphere. While Pakistan seems prompt to allow the United States a sphere of influence in the region, the new president is not afraid to draw the line on what is termed acceptable in America's obsessed War on Terror.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fools on the Stage for All to See

As John McCain and Barack Obama held the first Presidential Debate last evening, many were shocked by their incompetence as well as their foolish remarks which only made them look as hypocrites shamelessly exposing themselves and their opponents with even higher levels of nerve and disrespect. In a debate that dodged questions of a Federal Reserve takeover of the government as well as the real issues surrounding the War on Terror, McCain and Obama bumbled their way through the ill worded questions of Jim Lehrer. But, perhaps most terrible was their answers on wars abroad and the muddled mess they emitted from their seething greedy bodies.

And is anyone else tired of politicians using sappy stories about dead Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans' parents begging them to either win or leave the completely failed and flawed wars? John McCain perhaps made the most foolish point of the night, repeatedly remarking that dead veterans' parents begged him to continue to fight on and win the war. McCain could not have looked more ridiculous, a veteran himself, but a peddler of perpetual war. Obama took some moral points on the night essentially arguing that the Iraq War is wrong, and ultimately not winnable. But, definitions of so-called "victory" were hard to come by the two corporate candidates.

But perhaps most striking, Barack Obama hayed out Zbiginiew Brzezinski's plan to extensively expand the now seven year conflict in Afghanistan. McCain pointed out the fact that he is against the "surge" in Iraq, but plans his own extension of war in Afghanistan. Things were getting wild at this point. If only a third party candidate could have stepped in and shown the stark similarity of the pro-war strategy of both Republicans and Democrats.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Real Presidential Debate

The intelligent and dynamic Chuck Baldwin discusses real issues! Wake up America, vote for the Constitution!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Venezuela Consolidates Relationships with China, Russia

As American imperial ambitions grow larger, the countries of the Second World have begun to unite. Today, Venezuela announced a new oil deal with China that will next year supply the Chinese with 500 thousand barrels of oil each day. Hugo Chavez said of the deal and snub of Americans as, "It is clearly a gesture against the Americans. We do not need you."

Chavez's statement echoes the feeling of many other world leaders with less than amiable relationships with the United States. Instead of enticing smaller, up and coming but less wealthy nations to trade with America, our country has shunned them aside. Now they search for new opportunities, regardless of political ideology or ramifications from the once economic booming financial world power. In a matter of a decade, America has made many enemies and gained little economic progress. In addition, our international trade relations have been irreparably damaged, perhaps for decades.

Venezuela also enjoys a strong relationship with Russia. Recently, their navy started to train on military exercises with the Russian navy. In addition, relationships between China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran have strengthened since 2000. iA formal military alliance between these nations may be in the near future.

Ron Paul Schools Fed Chair Bernanke

In addition, on September 23rd, Congressman Ron Paul (R) pf Texas introduced HR 2755 "Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act" to end the Fed's reign of terror.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Congress Passes Radar Agreement

Today, Congress ratified a bill establishing an anti-missile defense shield in Central Europe. The $465 million bill will place a radar defense system in the Czech Republic along with 10 anti-missile rockets in Poland, only over 100 miles from the Russian border. Despite strong opposition in Central Europe with over 70 percent of the home countries opposing a radar and missile system, the three governments have worked out the plan secretly for years. While the Czech Republic and Poland have yet to have their Parliaments ratify the treaties, it appears likely that both will.

Bailout Package's Sentence of Dictatorial Rights

The $800 billion bailout bill will likely be approved by the Congress later this week despite heavy opposition. In a recent Rasmussen Poll, only seven percent of those polled supported the bailout!!! Such a robbing of the American people for the super-rich is utterly wrong and the greatest act in the past century to lean the country ever so closely to tyranny.

One sentence in the proposal tells it all, "Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Few seem to realize the immensity of the proposal.

End of Posse Comitatus

With the signing into law of the 2006 John Warner Defense Authorization Act, the century old Posse Comitatus vanished overnight, leaving Americans no longer secure in their homes and on the streets of their cities. Now, federal soldiers can patrol American neighborhoods and essentially control the movement of people in their hometowns simply by arbitrary orders given from above.

The Insurrection Act of 1807 strongly limits the Executive Branch. Its enumerations limit the President from sending in federal troops to restore order in event of lawlessness, insurrection, or rebellion. Now, the President is held to no bounds. His power is ever increasing and with it, the loss of the republic lays at stake.

It is time to forget phony debates about race and vacation homes, celebrities and celebrity preachers. The Executive is continually getting stronger and in no way does restraint appear on the horizon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paulson, Secretary of Treasury - The New Executive

Over the weekend. the executive branch came up with a stunning proposal to the nation's current economic crisis. As the US Treasury advocates the $800 billion dollar plan to Congress, many questions about the plan simple have not been asked or even considered by the mainstream media, especially with the sum making up the cost of what would be three more wars of Iraq-scale. With the proposed bill, the Paulson would become the decision maker for all appropriations delivered through Congress, essentially giving him the key to all of the money the federal government operates on. Paulson would practically become a second Executive Branch of himself without any accountability to the federal courts or Congress. With such a great power grab, Paulson would become America's new dictator.

Even more alarming, if the Fed prints $1 trillion out of thin air to pay for the painful mortgage crisis, just imagine the effect such an action would have on the US dollar. Already slipping from gold ($780/oz two weeks ago to $900/oz today), the US dollar is in serious danger of witnessing a major devaluation of the currency. Much like Central European nations in the 1950s when the Communist Party devalued currencies across the continent, the US citizens would be hit hard and all their assets once deemed untouchable would become in serious danger.

Such a serious and sweeping power of the legislation proves its deeply flawed and opportunist mold. In a plan to devalue the currency and send the American middle class scrambling for survival, the Treasury has now threatened our nation into financial crisis far behind what could have been even imaginable months ago. Paulson and his sadistic band of thieves must be stopped, before the strike decisively for the ultimate last grab.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Czech People Do Not Need US Radar

Chuck Baldwin Speaks

Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin claims that if the two-One Party system continues, Americans face more loss of liberty and potentially a loss of their Republic.

Fed Pulls Money Out of Thin Air

Yesterday, Congressman Ron Paul (R) of Texas warned against the impending financial doom facing the nation. In an address hammering the nation's fiat currency based on debt, Paul slammed the Federal Reserve and the US Congress for their nationalization of the mortgage industry and clueless understanding of the current crisis.

Claiming that "we are in the middle of something very big," Paul warns against the secrecy behind the recent takeovers of Freddie, Fannie, and AIG. In a scheme where there is no congressional oversight and a deliberately destructive policy toward the US dollar, Dr. Ron Paul fears that further printing of greenbacks out of thin air will cause higher inflation and ultimately hurt the average American citizen.

Paul went on to say,

“The reason this is so important is that if you care about people in a humanitarian sense, what you want to do is protect the value of the money. Just think of the third world nations when they have total run away inflation, the middle class gets wiped out. And what we are seeing today is the middle class being jeopardized by this type of system that we have, unlimited spending, unlimited debt, unlimited creation of new credit.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) of Nevada claims that simply "no one knows what to do." The level of incompetence echoes volumes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Stupidity of Celebrity

As America gears up for the insane but often inane rush of the 2008 elections season, most of the buzz on the streets completely misses the point. Instead of focusing of real issues that will deeply affect Americans for generations to come, like the US military empire and our current economic crisis, the candidates have unfortunately chosen to focus on the rather benign issues of gender, race, "leadership", and pop icon imagery to move the electorate.

Obama's campaign turned from a somewhat respectable young leader's bid for disarmament and a more liberal social environment in 2007, to a mess of war threats against Iran, tacit support for internationalist NAFTA and nationalization of the banking sector, and a continued support for the USA PATRIOT Act.

McCain, in his ever abysmal naive retrograde, has gone from a kind-hearted moderate who strongly opposes torture, to a hardline neo-conservative with an insatiable greed to tax, take away greater personal liberties, and center his campaign on the cultural divide and strife which has divided our nation since the end of Reagan's term. Far from the social liberal he once professed to be, he is a strong supporter of the underachieving and ineffective drug war, and a fear monger whose spiritual advisor mixes evangelical Christianity with Muslim-hating diatribes. Also, McCain's untenable policies of perpetual war certainly put the country at the crossroads on an ever dark road to the next decade.

As for the charade known as the Vice Presidential selections, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are equally ashamedly slithering chameleon-types, with a propensity for changing attitudes, policies, and even images. Neither Biden, one of the main pursuants of the Iraq War or Palin, a neophyte self-ascribed "hockey mom" whose experience in economic and defense issues is a glaring red light of danger as McCain reaches his 73rd year, plan to give Americans any new slack. Palin's social policies are all the same despicable, and her utter disregard for the Constitution and innately secured rights of citizens is a scary trend for the future.

But, perhaps most disappointing this election season, the campaigns have put off talking about the real issues since the Party debates ended in late February, and have worked hard to distract Americans for the true problems staring each one in the face. McCain now associates with Paris Hilton, and Obama being no better, just raised over $10 million in the shallow and sticky pit of Hollywood. Even Hillary Clinton's extended alluding to Saturday Night Live skits during the debates got more attention the both Parties' stasi-state health care plan.

It is time the American people start asking the questions the media refuses to comprise in the national debate of the ages. Unfortunately, each side is more confused than ever on their own positions and philosophical beliefs, and ever more disinterested in genuinely helping our nation. It's time to leave the carnival circus that is the two party system behind and endear ahead for a new era of Enlightenment.

American Radar in Czech Lands: The True Story

A new Czech movie set for release in spring 2009 will showcase the turmoil the small country has experienced in the debate over the radar and the loss of sovereignty for that great nation, the Americans once steadfastly supported in their unaided struggle for independence.

Cesky Mir - Czech Peace

SOFA to be Signed This Friday

According to CTK, the Czech news service, and Respekt.cz, Czech Minister of Defense Vlasta Parkanova and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will sign the SOFA treaty this Friday in London. The deal is a follow up to July's anti-ballistic missile radar system agreement, which plans to place a US base equipped with a massive radar system on Czech soil, about 80 miles from Prague. In addition, a separate agreement with the Polish government puts nuclear missile interceptors in their country, with the new American base being only over 100 miles from Russian territory. The SOFA agreement has negotiated the legal terms of placing American troops in the Czech Republic, as well as an agreement about arming the Czech Air Command with new Hercules spy planes, as well as more equipment and transport for joint US-Czech military expeditions. Also, the SOFA agreement included a section about the further centralization of pro-imperial US news outlets gaining greater exposure in Czech markets. Thus, the Americans use their new military alliance also as a chance for influencing a foreign nation's terms of presenting news.

Already, American companies own a large television station NOVA in the Czech market, as well as a few high profile newspapers. Even the news transmitted inside the Prague metro are of American ownership.

And with all this integration used in furthering an international alliance against Russia with its strongest pro-West, freedom loving neighbors, the motives remain suspect. With three-fourths of the Czech citizenry opposing the radar, as well as the Slovakian government, many have come to question the good will of this project where no public input was taken into account, and back-room deals between the Czech, Polish, and American governments dictated the desired results. With Central Europe being remilitarized and an ever thin ice relationship the US maintains with Russia, the future for these countries appears bleak and entangled in a new mess of the two polar superpowers, once again jockeying for empire.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Economic Crisis in the Empire

Every day, the government aims to bail out more and more financial firms in the wake of the US (and even global) economic downturn. And each time another acronym firm like AIG is forced under the wing of the government, the American citizen is expected to pay for the bailouts with their own hard-earned deposit money.

When no accountability exists in any kind of form, what are we to expect next from our do-all, help no one but CEO government? Nothing, and not even nothing at all, but rather more taking away from the people to fund a fatally flawed military and financial empire. Americans will ever see their savings shrinking in the form of a hidden tax the Federal Reserve often uses, inflation. And as food prices spiral out of control, the People will pay dearly for such nationalizations of industry and socialistic takeovers. And who will hold our representatives to their sworn duty to the Constitution and this nation?

Arming the World

While there are many questions the top corporate media have already picked to ask the two major presidential candidates, good inquiries about the dangerous policy of arming the world with billions of dollars of weaponry will not be among them. Since FDR's long imperial rule, the United States government has given trillions to other countries. Often tied foreign aid, much of this sum has been spent on securing American military craft for foreign powers.

In Afghanistan, the US funded Osama bin Laden and his "freedom fighters" during the 1980s Soviet-Afghan War. Years later when the US invaded that country, everything from US vehicles to rocket-propelled grenades were found with the label, Made in the USA. More disturbing, since 9/11, the United States has given over $10 billion to the president of Pakistan, Perez Musharraf, a military dictator who seized power during a coup in 1999. Much of this money was borrowed from China.

Something about this equation does not seem quite right. American people work hard two out of five days a week for their intrusive and irresponsible government. And out of this hard work, they must dedicated almost a third of their earnings to prop up military dictatorships abroad, as well as arm nation against nation. Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, France, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Georgia, and Iraq. The list is endless.

It's time the American people began to ask serious questions to those who race toward the throne of Emperor of the World. It is time to end phony debates about being strong on defense and following bin Laden to the gates of hell. Let's look at what is really destroying the public trust in our government, and the actions which put Americans in greater danger every day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hold On Houston!

As Hurricane Ike comes slamming into the Texas coast around midnight tonight, we hope our good friends from Houston and Galveston down along to Corpus Christi stay safe from the water's rage. As cumulus clouds of humidity lead the way into the Texas inland, we can only hope and pray now for the safe survival of the citizens of the coastal region. Already, mandatory evacuations have been made from Houston to Galveston, and while the Hurricane 2 storm will hit land tonight, many are staying, going against the governments' orders to flee.

These brave souls will see Ike come. And however one would praise or assail their judgment, they should be seen as heroes, waiting for the torturous torment to pass by. May the best of luck be with them all, and may God watch over.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

America's Foreign Policy Nightmare

Unlike what the Mainstream Media would have you think, the US-Russia conflict over Georgia has not ended. Rather, Georgia's ruthless president, Mikhail Saakashvili, now begs NATO to extend membership to his nation in response to Russian incursions into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Prolonging the conflict, Saakashvili's military gamble against Russia almost led to his own dethronement at the behest of one of the most powerful military forces in the world.

However, while there may be a new peace treaty in place, negotiating by France's Sarkozy, the unrest has not subsided. With the United States strongly now advocating for Georgia and Ukraine's entrance into NATO, Russia could not feel more threatened. In addition, the new US missile defense system planned for Czech Republic and Poland symbolizes the last straw, a point of no return.

While people in those two countries oppose the radar system vehemently, back-room deals between governments' heads lead to this crisis. With the US possessing nuclear weapons only a mere 150 kilometers from the Russian border, the Russian leadership must take appropriate retaliatory responses, even if it means stationing new nuclear weapons in Cuba.

As Saakashvili grows ever louder in his perverted moan for NATO membership and a coveted place within the US's protective defense umbrella, the US's complaisant attitude toward what is really hurting relations in Europe appears to now doom our nation toward an inevitable "New Cold War" with Russia. Even Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently warned against a new revival of the nuclear arms race and vehemently denounced US plans for missiles in Poland. In response, the Russians state that Poland and Czech Republic are making themselves targets for future military action.

What most Americans do not understand, is that these countries are not the backwoods and untouched locations many think they are. Rather, they lay in the heart of Central Europe, always essential places of trade, wealth, and art connecting East and West. Places where war is really unimaginable after the devastation of World War II, and civility is expected. To put our closest allies in jeopardy also raises questions about American motives. If we so strongly support these democratic societies, why not allow them to protect themselves? They face no real threats, except for our radar!

Also, while many Central Europeans strongly admire America, a cultural alliance and political one is enough. There is absolutely no need to militarize these crucial relationships. And as world events seem to escalate to a new height with clashes between the three major superpowers (US/Europe, China, and Russia) appearing more likely, maybe it is time to take some advice from those that know Empire well, the Russians, and stay out of other big dogs' backyards.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dr. Strangelove: The Secret Government

In Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece Dr. Strangelove, the every day operations of a powerful and secret government are unearthed. Digging deep under the surface of what the public sees of the government, planes fly constantly around the globe armed with nuclear weapons to be released by any small whim or mishap. Painting the true picture of how the U.S. government functions, Kubrick indicts the ruling elite, presenting their pettiness and disregard for the consequences of their actions which all too often seem to them only like child's play.

With cinematography that evokes the magnitude of government power, and the arrogance which drives men to make decisions of insane proportions, Dr. Strangelove presents for once to the people the corrupt system which watches over us, and keeps all beholden to its jurisdiction.

As the President invites global leaders to his military discussion, and those as the top Soviet leadership, the leader resembles once Presidential hopeful Adlai Stevenson, who strongly supported of the United Nations and international cross-government decision making. In a situation all too similar to today, the President assures his own staff of the soundness of working hand-in-hand with criminal totalitarian regimes to assure mutual benefit. Not only in theory, but the President even urges the Soviet leaders on the hot-line to shoot down his own U.S. aircraft, knowing well that the nuclear bomb drops on the USSR are commenced without a chance for return. The madness displayed by the US government is well documented in this film. Even the major generals, who are regarded as all-knowing and always prepared, seem to have higher priorities than assume their duty. One is held up by his young sexy bikini-clad maiden urging him back to bed. But while this general is preoccupied for personal reasons, others supersede their own Commander-In-Chief to launch wars of aggression, only based on so-called requests from the divine.

Also, LBJ makes his appearance in the aircraft, skidding along the clouds on his way to drop bombs. Adorned with a ten gallon cowboy hat, the Texan, once the most careful of the entire crew to enter such combat, submerges into a rage of misinformation and pledges himself to the cause of destroying others for "people of all creed, gender and color". Such a reference to LBJ and his war-filled vision of an equal America must not be overlooked.

Then, Dr. Strangelove appears. His crippled frail body sits straight in a wheelchair, his eyes darkened by the tint of his sunglasses. In his mad fits of the mind, Dr. Strangelove, the advisor, the secret mover behind the scenes, lets out his plan to let the world spiral into nuclear annihilation as long as the privileged government few could live underground in tunnels for over 500 years. Much like Dr. Kissinger, Strangelove gives off an unsuspecting but eery scent. Although he has the most powerful position in planning policy, he is the most withdrawn from the actual functioning picture and as well the least accountable for the happenings in reality. Much like today's Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz or Bill Kristol, or yesteryear's Josef Goebbels, Dr. Strangelove is an evil theoretician, whose mad rants into insanity can only lead to death and destruction.

After all the wrangling and fear and confusion over whether war could not be stopped, it is clear that these very organizations and preventive measures the governments have taken in name of the People, have only worked to destroy the society it set out to protect. The movie reminds us of this essential theme with its last montage of US dropped nuclear weapon tests. It gives the audience a haunting after-image to show the inevitable end of such fruitless endeavors.

To echo the words of David Byrne, "We're going boom, boom, boom, and that's the way we live. We're going boom, boom, boom, and that's the way we live. And then a real big boom, and that's the way we live."

Journalists Arrested, Demoted

The ever-expansive corporate media has spread a bit further and begun its crackdown on deviationists from the government-media stronghold that dictates our entire scope of information. Recently at the RNC in St. Paul, many journalists were blatantly mistreated and arrested along with peaceful protesters for merely doing their job. The government has now relied exclusively on coercion and intimidation to destroy the strong ring of liberty-minded journalists with prominent positions. Amy Goodman, anchorwoman or Democracy Now! was arrested in St. Paul and charged with obstruction of justice for merely trying to videotape and cover unlawful arrests being made. And Goodman is only one of the more high-profile journalists to be taken down by the new corporate-organ state.

In addition, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC was also demoted from his election coverage anchor position after he chided the GOP for taking advantage of the tragedy of September 11th for political purposes. Olbermann said,

“If at this late date any television network had of its own accord shown that much graphic videotape– I speak as someone who lost several friends there– it, we would be rightly eviscerated at all corners, perhaps by the Republican party itself for exploiting the memories of the dead and for perhaps trying to evoke that pain again".

It is shameful that the only journalists out there in the corporate media defending the People are hung out to dry as if their quality reporting is something unwanted. Instead of the praise that should be bestowed on such a brave one-man stand, Olbermann received lashings, all while risking his own job, and possibly his life.

Since America continues to imprison journalists, and fire those who do not fit within the fascist "Party line", it seems no different to me than communist China or totalitarian Iran. Our organizations are now complicit in these moves which are against freedom and most importantly, violate the U.S. Constitution. If we are to live in a free society, we must defend these endearing workers, who give everything of themselves, all for such few effort from ourselves.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nationalization of Mortgage Loan Industry

It is becoming ever more visible, that the government is gobbling up more and more of what should be a free economy. Not only do government regulations burden small businesses and decrease their chances of success, but now the government actually is in the business of handing out loans! Usually, the government works in-step with banks and groups, particularly the privately owned Federal Reserve System. But, that the government has now become the determinator of mortgage loan packages, and it is simply a gear-up to the new socialist vision for America.

Most prominently, health care has been eyed anxiously for almost two decades, primed for a government takeover. Already, the government has wrecked our national health care system with the employer-tied HMO system, set up by President Nixon to actually make health care expense more expensive for the average citizen. It is only a wonder what will come next, and knowing that the Federal Reserve prints greenbacks out of thin air, it scares me to know that the People will be paying for this nationalization, something to the tune of $85 billion.

And what else to fund? But, our trillion dollar a year military empire abroad. And to continue this suicidal policy will only force the government to consume more, and look to nationalize the rest of America's once free industries. It is a dangerous slope our government adventures down, and it seems only a matter of time before push comes to shove.


Maybe I have been out of the loop for some time, forgetting official holidays and anniversaries of major world events. However, I was more than surprised to see on a calendar, the date September 11th highlighted in red, with the words reading Patriot Day (US). Apparently, 9/11 is now an official national holiday. Something about this seems a bit twisted to me, considering that most holidays are created to celebrate some momentous person or event. Think about Martin Luther King, Jr. He has his own holiday, but it's on his birthday rather than on the dreadful day he was assassinated. Also, we do not celebrate the assassination of JFK or Pearl Harbor by declaring it a holiday, rather we remember it in a more quiet, and respectful way.

It appears utterly incomprehensible why we would create a day of celebration over one of the greatest tragedies in our nations history! But, the way our politicians and so called 'national leaders' act, I am not surprised that maybe they would want to celebrate such a horrific event. It has allowed them to bring about countless invasions of sovereign nations abroad, and an ever increasing domestic spying network at home. Most eerily, this holiday, Patriot Day, shares its name with the now infamous U.S.A. PATRIOT Act, which negates many of the amendments in the Bill of Rights. And then, people like Giuliani get up and cry the biggest crocodile tears, all the while they do not even support welfare for 9/11 First Responders.

Perhaps we should commemorate this event in a more sombre and thoughtful mindset, and use it as a platform for advocating on behalf of the survivors and police officers who risked everything and now face an amalgam of respiratory illnesses, and for some, death. A more appropriate title may be Remembrance Day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

15,000 March on RNC

Peaceful Protest against US wars in foreign countries.

Rally for the Republic Rocks Minneapolis!

While the most frightening and visible show of energy in Minnesota last week may have come from the black-marked Feds and local police patrolling St. Paul, another Saint by the name of Ron Paul moved waves of love across the other twin, Minneapolis. At the Target Center, over 12,000 enthusiastic patriot citizens from around the nation gathered to celebrate the ideas of liberty.

But outside on the streets of Minneapolis, as well as St. Paul, vibrations moved as people whizzing by on sidewalks spoke softly to each other. Some guy had come to town which was making an even bigger noise than the advertised event. Ron Paul was the true buzz of the two cities, a veteran anti-war hero, coming to take on his own fascist warring Party. While many Minnesotans are proud to say they live in a "Democratic" dominated area, even those who profess the strongest support for social welfare began to talk of the courage of Dr. Ron Paul.

The Target Center, a basketball arena for the Minnesota Timberwolves, all of the sudden became an intellectual meeting place, teeming with life from some of the most prominent brains of the return to the Republic movement. Young and old alike, privileged and disadvantaged came to discuss the reality of the issues facing every American. Speakers even remarked on the sophistication of the astute crowd, as discussion went from the coercion used by President Lincoln in the Civil War, to the banking interests who pitted country against country to fight two devastating World Wars. Even one speaker remarked, "Wow! I mention the Austrian school of economics, and all cheer. This is an enlightened crowd!" The smell of something fresh and new filled the air, and everyone at that rally knew that they were witnessing history.

MSNBC's Tucker Carlson MCed the event, even this former contributer to Bill Kristol's Weekly Standard made the bold move to come out for Dr. Paul. Lew Rockwell gave an early speech and described poignantly the state of affairs which precipitated having a virtual dictator in the White House. His matter-of-fact style lent itself to the logic behind the rally's common-sense agenda to return the power back to the People. He raged against George W Bush's militaristic, globalist-contrived world and spoke on the need to return power to states. Bill Kauffman derided the two-party system and used humor to aim his arrow. Saying that "one side is dumb, the other is evil, and often they get together and do something both evil and dumb and it's called bipartisanship." An ovation followed his pronouncement. Also, Bruce Fein spoke about Bush and the Congress' defilement of the Constitution, and shock at how the establishment, especially some Democrats will not even consider Impeachment.

Then came the highly-respected former Governor of Minnesota, Independent Jesse Ventura. In his speech, he railed against the two-party system and claimed that both parties are destroying America. In addition, he went on to address the need to return to Constitutional principles with more state power and local-decision making. Also, he touched on the illegal immigration situation and derided the idea of not accepting these hard-working freedom loving people into the United States. He pledged he would not let his country turn into East Berlin with the series of walls now being built at the Mexican border. While some of the crowd may have not agreed with this stance, many cheered Jesse on. Jesse Ventura lives a portion of the year in Mexico.

Ventura then touched on September 11th, and distinctly asked why the Justice Dept. has still yet to charge Osama bin Laden with the crime committed that day. In addition, Ventura questioned the ability for those towers to fall at free-fall speed on that day and a third building to collapse with little apparent reason. He said he should not be assailed for merely "asking questions on the reality of 9/11." Jesse Ventura is also a highly trained member of the U.S. Navy SEALS underwater demolition team, and a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Jesse then decried the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, indicting Bush and Cheney for their greed and bloodlust for oil, and told of his own experience in Vietnam. He claimed that even though the United States was the most powerful military force on Earth, they could not stop a poor and unorganized group of "farmers with AK47s". He related Vietnam to the present-day situation in Iraq. Highly respected in his own state for his legendary ability to complete what he promised and get-tough stances which suited the independent mindset of the North, Ventura is a political hero in his state. Ventura then surprised everyone, hinting that he may run for President in 2012 as the people's Independent candidate. Giving instructions that "if you all work hard enough, and things appear right, I might [...] in 2012". The crowd roared into the air as Ventura promised a fight for the People in the future.

After a presentation by the Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul's new political group, to elect republic and liberty-minded officials to public office, former Governor Garry Johnson (R) of New Mexico spoke to the crowd. A solid speaker, with a practical delivery and likable attitude, he spoke of libertarian values and his own story to become a governor who vetoed a record number of wasteful spending bills. Working himself up to become the owner of a construction company, Gary Johnson told of his hard work which led to his rise, the governorship being his first political office.

He urged the crowd that compromise for the sake of partnership often leads nowhere, and someone like Ron Paul who has never sacrificed his values for political gain is a role model for us all. He advocated less government restriction of American business, and warned of the unnecessary measures put on small companies (as few as a dozen employees), that allow the corporations to rise over the ever disappearing mom-n-pop stores. Johnson also pointed out the ultimate failure of the corporate-welfare state and the ever growing side-stepping of the American people. He spoke for the middle class, and the need for their ability to invest in the markets. Then, he talked at length about the problems of the War on the Drugs and the immediate need for legalization. Speaking on the violence on the border, including in his state, as well as the unlawful seizure of marijuana from dying cancer-patients with state certified prescriptions. Gary Johnson helped to start the organization, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. He touched on Obama and McCain and their inability to articulate on any issue and really see the root cause of all our problems, not just the symptoms.

Aimee Allen came to stage to sing songs of freedom and the message for Ron Paul. Her thirty minute set included the song "The Universal Soldier", which Ron Paul personally requested she sing that evening. The song talks about the helpless ones in every area of the world who are forced to fight the elite's war. And for what? Aimee Allen got a standing ovation at the end of her performance.

As the last of the crowd found their seats, the arena looked to be filled to the brim. Former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. came out to give a few words and to introduce Ron Paul. Giving his remarks of wisdom and urging all to become involved and further the message of liberty amongst all people everywhere.

Then, Ron Paul came out to thunderous applause. As he tried to begin to speak, the crowd refused to let him, as the ovation continued for what seemed like tens of minutes. The humble Congressman from coastal Texas attempted to wave them off, and then backed away in embarrassment, for it seems he does not even realize the amount of power he now holds. And that power rests not at all in Washington, but rather in the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere. For his message is truly American, and one that if all heard, almost all would certainly agree.

Ron Paul spent the first part of his speech thanking the audience for all the support and proudly remarked of the campaign's 1.2 million votes that were garnered. And in speaking of his failed Presidential bid he often used "we" terminology, showing the campaign was not about him, but rather about the principles of the Constitution and a return to the government our founding fathers envisioned.

Dr. Ron Paul then spoke on the wide growth of government today, doubling since 1997, and on the verge to become all the bigger with the nationalization of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. He spoke against the use of coercion constantly, whether it is in U.S. foreign empire abroad, or in garnering funds for these wars from an illegal Federal Income Tax that was never ratified by the states. He also made a stand against a federal solution to every problem, and urged to return power back to the individual but united states.

When speaking on the economy, a chanting crowd interrupted Paul several times, chanting "End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!". He replied back, "Wait! I'm not even there yet!!" He further decried federal regulation of business in deals like NAFTA that undermine America's economic strength and are against the lasseiz-faire idea of free-trade. He later spoke of the problems with having a U.S. military empire with over 700 bases in around 135 nations around the globe. The $1 trillion spent annually on the war machine, he predicted, simply cannot be sustained any longer.

Paul went on to say that both parties have the same interventionist foreign policy that is making America less safe and making other nations all the more worked up over our imperial presence. He indicted both major candidates for not really wanting to change foreign policy, and even hurting our country more with more military commitments abroad, especially in Georgia.

Furthermore, Ron Paul cried afoul with the destruction of our civil liberties, especially calling Bush's domestic spying program a menace to liberty and complete disregard for the law. Also, he called for an end to the raiding of homes and surveillance for political reasons. Several activists' homes in the Twin Cities had been broken into illegal by the government last week. Paul continued and argued at length for the legalization and utilization of the hemp plant as the answer to America's growing energy problems. While millions of acres sustain the crop, especially in states like Nebraska, and what was once a vital part of the government-backed World War II effort, he pointed out the absurdity of the association of hemp as some kind of drug. Paul remarked, "they make it out to be a dangerous drug, but in reality, if you wanted to get high, you would have to smoke a joint as big as a telephone pole!" The efficiency of producing ethanol out of hemp, rather than corn, would create a new improved alternative energy source and decrease America's dependence on foreign oil.

Then Paul ripped into the Federal Reserve System, crying against the private bank take-over of the American money system. He derided our fiat-money, and called for returning to the gold standard. Ron Paul claimed that the boom and bust cycles are results of government interference in the markets, and that even bigger busts could occur if the Fed continues printing money out of thin air. His indictment of the Fed was masterpiece, and by this time the crowd was worked up into a passionate frenzy, that would be unimaginable at any other convention.

Like Andrew Jackson who killed the Bank of the United States, Ron Paul was fighting The Establishment, the true enemies of the people who cling to the status quo, a bank system which plunges our nation repeatedly into war.

Ron Paul closed with words of encouragement and signaled his pleasure at the idea that we are winning in our battle against endless bureaucracy, endless distortions, and endless wars. He claimed that while our time to make a difference is ever shrinking and more urgent than ever, many are learning the message of freedom and in the end it is just that the those who choose freedom over coercion will always prevail.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman "OK" with Violence

During an interview with Minnesota Public Radio on September 5, 2008, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman was asked whether he was "ok" with police in full riot gear shooting innocent bystanders on the streets with rubber bullets and tear gas. Coleman, with his voice quivering and tone of panic sidestepped the question as he began with a "look" transition, and went on to explain that the protesters were not the peaceful well-to-do youngsters and Iraq War Veterans, but rather a "serious threat" with chains, knives, rocks, and buckets of napalm to be thrown on police in full body armor!!! I have never heard in all my life, such a distortion of the truth, and as St. Paul callers voiced their displeasure with their newly approved police-state, Chris Coleman could only give a few lame excuses about the "public safety", which was all too often repeated during the RNC to justify policy brutality against innocent peaceful bystanders, merely petitioning their government.

Even though Coleman voiced his own personal opposition to the Republican Party and their policies, he went on to state that "whether we agree with him or not, we have to protect John McCain." Protect John McCain!? Isn't John McCain followed by a whole slew of secret service men, equipped with bullet proof SUVs, rifles and constant surveillance??

And to protect McCain from who or what?? As far as I saw the whole weekend, ALL protesters were peaceful and acting in a lawful manner. What about protecting these people from the totalitarian state which videotaped their gatherings, their marching with the veterans, and seized their very bodies and held them without any charges for 36 hours!?

Over 1,000 people were arrested during the RNC in St. Paul. So far, only about 150 charges have been brought.

Chris Coleman's rantings on the violence and despicable nature of these people is offensive. After all, he is talking about the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who came here to protest the war!

If St. Paul does not want secret police from the BCA (The Executive's Bureau of Criminal Activity) in their town anymore, and a return to the rule of law, it's time to force Coleman to resign.

Reality on the Rise

The Men in Black had come to town. Suited with full body armor, and manned with long wooden poles, rifles and stun devices, they stood a solid black wall, everywhere to keep guard over the Pig's Eye. Around each corner and under every sidewalk crevice they poured out, like little ants ejected from their fire pit hell of a home.

A dark cloud descended over the city, blocking the sunlight from playfully tickling the fine dry waves of wheat. Thunder and lightning marked the arrival, and in the tumult of a thousand screaming patriots, their black fuming gas brought a death-filled silence. Corpses laid strewn through the black mass, beaten and lifeless on the cold ground.

As they speed further and further, occupying the American city, they reached out like tentacles from an alien creature, and even engulfed those nearby who watched with consternation.

A son told his mother to shut up and move aside, after all, everyone was an enemy combatant. And as the prison cells filled up, the few left on the street began to realize the danger that faced them. This behemoth would kill without discretion, and especially target those who stood in its way.

By this time, the tentacles had reached so far, those on the outskirts of the city could see the damage, destruction, and death that now seeped into their homes.

And maybe only few said a word, scared to death for their lives. But most frightening of all, they knew it would be back, and with its return, the new target, the hive!