Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bush: Self-Dubbed "Liberator"

In a shocking contradiction of truth and the regime's past disastrous eight years, President Bush remarked over the weekend, that he would like history to view him as "somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace". President Bush's incredulous statement prompts a slew of hard-hitting questions to the able-minded.

If history is to be the true judge of Bush's reign of terror, it will easily mark him as a fascist corporate dictator with a feeble mind but with a power of the greatest destructive nature.

Incompetence has never known such great power, and as a new figurehead steps to the forefront, Bush's unfortunate legacy appears destined to continue. With the greatest uncertainty reigning over the world since the 1962 and 1982 Cold War clashes between the United States and Soviet Union, Bush will leave a wake of killing, corporate-government control, and unaccountable avarice.

For one that campaigned vigorously as the "compassionate conservative" in 2000, little compassion has been shown to America or the rest of the world. After slaughtering 500,000 Iraqis, and displacing another 3-4 million; (not to even mention war crimes committed over the past seven years in Afghanistan), one would be hard-tried to name an action of compassion on behalf of the Bush Administration.

Rather than the "liberator" or "peacemaker" to which the Bin Laden family-backed failed oilman ascribes himself, other words will describe the hateful order Bush's cronies have wrought. The thieving absolutist will be known to all as what he really is. A shameful villian with little regard for life, deservant of much time in a cold and dark cellar.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recount Woes Continue

In one of the closest U.S. Senate races in history, incumbent Senator of Minnesota Norm Coleman (R) leads challenger Al Franken (D) by 282 votes at the conclusion of the recount; IP Candidate Dean Barkley came in third with fifteen percent. But in a circus style enactment of unfolding drama, both campaigns have lept out at each other in seemingly particular envy and rage. And despite the two's famed personalities, (unfortunatley a centerpiece of the campaign), it all comes down to the rejected ballots which now number over 5,000.

In the day of computer Diebolt controlled voting, it is amazing that they are even able to recount anything, knowing that people did not actually place paper ballots. While the jokes about the hanging chad from 2000 are again all the rage, it is laughable to think that these ballot assessors are only counting receipts from a computer, that could have easily been modified in the machine before the reprint!

It is simply astounding to think of the farce of democracy this recount has perpetuated. With 3,000 absentee ballots rejected and another 2,000 from the initial vote count thrown out during the recount, it is difficult to trust any final answer; and I'm sure the string of lawsuits to follow won't make it any easier.

The answer is simple, it proves itself. Voting machines must go if we are to protect the republic and keep the integrity of the vote. The most sensitive part of how America conducts business should be closely guarded from all frauds, especially voting machine corporations, those who essentially control the count.

Ron Paul on Russia Today

Ron Paul is featured on Russia Today on November 27, 2008, discussing the G20 Summit and its secret plan to create a single international regulatory bank.

Friday, November 28, 2008

F. A. Hayek, Classical Liberalism, and the New World Order

In one amazing interview with Meet The Press in 1975, famed free-market economist Friedrich A. Hayek takes on the real issue of inflationary fiscal and monetary policies and its great threat not only to economic livelihood, but freedom as well.

Claiming that political liberty is in danger, Hayek emphatically decries the loss of industrial autonomy, essentially corporate takeover with increased taxation as a destructive force creating crisis around the world. Hayek's brilliant analysis shows that no matter how much debt or inflation a nation may face, the country will not be able to maintain ANY employment if created wealth is not real. Hayek's intellect is impressively engaging and his word honestly true.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Burden of $8 Trillion Bailout

As the general Bailout widens massively in scope with yesterday's announcement of the nationalization of CitiBank, the amount of taxpayer money taken to help the ailing economy already mounts onto gigantic proportions. Taken from the People and given to the Banks, (or Federal Reserve System kingmakers), the now $8 trillion dollars forked over reminds one of the policies enacted by Herbert Hoover soon after Black Tuesday in 1929.

As the federal reserve cranks out the printing presses to ink more worthless greenbacks, the value of the dollar is sharply falling and stagflation in the future is becoming all the more a promise. And the force of another bailout appears more likely when the Obama Administration takes over in January. Tacitly approving Bush's measures, little seems bound to change under Obama, whose so called "Economic Stimulus Package" he is pushing as a new WPA for America will somehow bolster the crumbling economic situation the world now faces.

But nonetheless, the announcement that Robert Gates would stay on as Secretary of Defense alludes to continued military spending and imperial presence abroad. The cost of running the American military around the world in one year exceeds $1 trillion. And with the expansion of war in Afghanistan, it is difficult to see any less being spent.

Solutions are unclear as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) of Nevada said in September that "we have no idea what to do". The incompetence of the media for relying only on partisan-backed pundits has not aided much either in Americans' understanding of what the economic mess truly means. But, for those who believe in free-market economics, the work of the brilliant Milton Friedman, and the triumph of liberty to secure the Earth's blessing, the answer remains clear. And the mess all begins with that fateful night in 1913, when the privately-owned Federal Reserve usurped one of the sacred rights of the U.S. federal government. The incompetence is astounding.

Some such as conservative radio talk-show host Glenn Beck have now openly advocated secession for states as an answer to fight back against the federal government's centralization of power.

Also, other analysts have predicted a breakup of the Union, and the further fractioning of our nation into distinct parts, with the Pacific, Rocky Region, Texas, the Plains and the Midwest, the South, and the East Coast each with their own sovereignty but under one economic identity and a further political identity called the North American Union. Such executive agreements as the Security & Prosperity Partnership (signed in Waco, TX; 2005) which now allows Canadian or Mexican troops to quell unrest in the United States, point to such a possibility.

Whatever the far-fetched ideas of change that may come, it is now clear that the country is in danger of bankruptcy and with a Bailout plan that now numbers the size of the $9 trillion National Debt, America has now fallen in twice as much debt in only the span of a short two months. It is now certain that it will take almost a miracle for Obama's proposed deficit spending to work, but while our hacking group of corporate yes-men and women sitting in Congress continue to deface the Constitution, real people back at home are starved from their once abundant lives.

It will take more than simple economic stimulus plans to breach the gap that now threatens to take from us what our fathers fought for. It will take a massive display of peace, love, and liberty and a defiance of all corruption to bring back the America we know and love.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Attorney General: Eric Holder, Suppressor of Internet

Barack Obama's newly appointed Attorney General Eric Holder is set to assume office in January. However, his past advocations of censoring the Internet (NPR- 5/28/99 Interview) is a baneful revelation to those looking for the real change promised by the "CHANGE" Administration.

While his work for reducing racist death penalty sentences on poor African-Americans in the South is admirable, his advocation of controlling Internet content is reminiscent of Tipper Gore's Parental Advisory campaign and Al Gore's proposals to possibly tax the Internet and restrict free speech.

This shade of Eric Holder is all the more dubious, when his close connections to the Clintons make him all the more accountable to those who have advanced his career. Unfortunately, the CHANGE America needs is being underminded by more of the same.

Iceland Riots over Government Failure

In a more extreme outcome of the world's financial crisis, the citizens of the tiny nation of Iceland broke out on the streets yesterday in open riot against the government which has denied its own people everything. In a brisk moment of tension, a large protest was held at the Althing, the home of Icelandic Parliament, and protesters pelted local police offices with eggs.

Chaotic tensions ensued in Rejkavik as the people took to the streets demanding that their government resign. A huge banner placed on a large government building read, "Iceland for Sale: 2,100,000,000". As bank takeover dooms the tiny yet extremely prosperous nation, shades of what could occur in the U.S. is even more frightening.

Cynthia McKinney's Travel Restricted

In a complete smack of fascism and loss of any ideals of liberty, the United States government has denied Former Congresswoman of Georgia and 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney the ability to leave country.

According to, McKinney was stopped at the Atlanta airport and denied entrance to a plane bound for Damascus, Syria, where she was scheduled to give a speech on human rights at the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Her past work fighting for justice for her Atlanta consituency has gained her great fame. In addition, her advocacy for peace for Palestine and an end to Israeli restriction of Palestinian freedoms has given her great publicity. Also, her advocacy of the 9/11 Truth Movement and her questioning of the reality of events on that day have contributed much to her name.

It is unclear exactly why McKinney was denied exit from the country of which she is a citizen, but many reasons point to her existence as a political rival and alternative of the two One Party corporate system.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rally to End the Fed

Yesterday, over 200 protesters gathered outside of the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Minneapolis to protest the private banking cartel. Equipped with diverse signs slamming the Federal Reserve's monetary policy and the government-backed Bailout moves, citizens of Minnesota held up signs and handed out leaflets to drivers and passerbys on Hennepin Avenue. In addition, several speakers roused the crowd to moments of great cheer in epic fashion in denouncing the private war-funding machine which has nearly bankrupted the United States in the 21st century.

The Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. It was voted on secretly at night during a late winter holiday lame-duck session. Usurping the right for the federal government to coin money, the act allowed for a collusion of private banks to control the printing of money as well as the monetary policy of the United States. Since the Federal Reserve Act, the dollar has lost over 98% of its real value.

While President Wilson later decried his signing of the bill as a grave mistake and a threat to liberty, the federal government has yet to regain its authority in coining money. Many argue that the bill, also tied with the creation of the federal income tax, was never properly ratified by the states.

Sponsored by the End the Fed protests which took place in 39 cities across the nation, the crowd included the bulk of libertarian-minded Ron Paul supporters as well as social liberals. Slogans that were shouted slashed at the myths of the American political scene and attacked the corporate-state agenda that has prevailed in recent times. In addition, the Campaign for Liberty had a "warm up" bus on hand; providing breaks for protesters that staid late into the dark afternoon.

Some moments of great praise were had; one great exultation sprung from an End the Fed kite which flew over the Federal Reserve Bank private premises. Also, a Ron Paul Revolution flyer plane navigated high above the Mississippi. There was much in the air, and with the frequent and excited honks of fellow citizens, much was to be wanted. Many positive signs gave hope that such a rally is influencing the way Minneapolis thinks; the need for more of its kind and is strongly apparent.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hennepin's First Impressions of the Dakota

When Father Louis Hennepin first journeyed up the great Mississippi in spring of the year 1680, his discovery of the "strange tribes" of the Dakota, (or who he called shortly-put "Sioux"), halted any previous assumptions made of the Indian people in the Louisiana territory. Instead of the openly friendly, war shelter-seeking people of the Illinois and Miami, he stumbled upon an unruly bunch of loving but closed people who burst at the seams with emotion.

As Hennepin was willing but still unable to decipher the new tone of the people of current-day Minnesota, he was reduced to complete subservience to the Dakota, and in some cases, even captivity. This subservience demonstrated the quick reversal of fate for the once tribe-controlling "gray robe".

However, despite the multiple occassions upon journeying up the Mississippi where he almost became a sacrifice and roadkill for an intensely spiritual clan, Hennepin managed to survive. The Dakota even refused to allow Hennepin to whisper prayers, well-knowing the spiritual power of such actions, and remained highly suspicious of the Frenchmen's activities. Hennepin's attempts to sneak into the forests for refuge for seeking the Lord's blessings even brought more hostile and deprivatory actions on account of the Dakota.

Yet, despite the hardships Hennepin had to endure, and the privation he survived, the Dakota knew best for his own well-being. In completely taking the Franciscan into their care, they were imparting their own America into his, often without his recognition.

But Hennepin remained highly praiseworthy of the Dakota and wrote copiously on their ways. Hennepin describes the deep sorrow in which the Dakota chief, Aquipaguetin, would wring his hands upon Hennepin's head, sobbing uncontrollably, wailing unto the sky. There are further accounts of the preparations of the Dakota, the immersion in which they rubbed themselves with bear and buffalo fat. Their spiritual and ritualistic moments are noted as death ceremonies and customs would extend weeks even years in the case of Aquipaguetin's slain son-warrior. But, sure enough their swift and speedy canoes as well as their ability to launch attack on unsuspecting riverside prairie buffalo exhibited the Dakota's forthright meaning of existence. The industry of the Dakota puzzled and amazed Hennepin at the same time. And while he remained unaware of the reasoning behind such customs, Hennepin would sojourn forward with his often retalitory hosts until real captivity would find Hennepin upon Mille Lacs Lake in north-central Minnesota.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

From Dove to Hawk: Rachel Maddow

Beloved liberal commentator Rachel Maddow, often seen as a purveyor of hope and fairness in the bleak wash of the corporate media, has now come out with a new hardline stance she believes President-Elect Obama has the right to take against Iran. War against Iran will remain high on the agenda in 2009, regardless of the change of the President's Party.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The "American President" Takes A Stand

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been widely criticized by his own people and other Europeans as the "American President". Conveyed by his close working relationship with the American Administration, conservative ideals, and push for greater law and order for France, many French feel betrayed by this simple-talking inborn Frenchman of Hungarian origins. But, despite Sarkozy's blustering appearances, he may soon make his mark as a peacemaker for the world.

This year, during tense moments between the United States and Russia over the invitation of NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia, Sarkozy stood firm, negating American demands and calling for a freeze on NATO membership. In addition, his handling of Georgian President Saakashvili's U.S. backed genocide in the August War in Georgia as an arbiter between America and Russia is another notable foregin policy achievement.

Shockingly, yesterday, in a complete reversal of previous statements by the French and European Union President, Sarkozy upon meeting with Russian President Medvedev in Paris, stated that the U.S. plans for a Missile Defense System in Czech Republic and Poland is unnecessary and that the United States should think again about the system. He also claimed that the radar and anti-ballistic nuclear missiles have nothing to do with European security and that Missile Defense should wait until a European Security meeting in the summer of 2009.

Sarkozy's bold statements gave hope to the Czech and Polish people, in which a majority vehemently opposes the proposed installation of American bases and soldiers. In addition, the new American President Barack Obama has tacitly supported the Missile Defense Shield perogative, although he has made befuddled statements about reconsidering the program if it is proven not to be effective. While Obama's stance is unclear, at least Sarkozy's brave stand has given doubt that Robert Gates' plan to divide Central Europe, and in turn, the whole of Europe, may be reduced to failure. The Czech Parliament's ratification of two treaties to build the radar and station U.S. troops there still awaits a vote.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rahm Immanuel's Plan for America

Congressman Rahm Immanuel (D) of Illinois has been the first primetime face to emerge on the scene from Barack Obama's newly formed cabinet. As Obama's head chief of staff, Immanuel is the first in a soon-to-be stream of choices for cabinet appointments from the corporately-owned Democrats. In the video posted below (from as well as CNN), Immanuel is recorded speaking about his plan for a required three month to four month "Civil Defense Service" program that would require all Americans to join part of civilian military training and as Immanuel hints, a nationally-required program of corporate-state indoctrination.

In the guise of "civic participation" the program would teach civilians simple military tactics and domestic spying; it is all too reminiscent of the required camps for students in the former USSR and Communist bloc nations. According to Obama and Immanuel's idea of America, taking away people's freedom is a good thing for Americans. Instead of wholesomely encouraging people to be active in their community voluntarily with the will to do it, "required service", or a coercion of people into a paramilitary domestic unit is nothing short of selling one's people straight into bondage.

But don't listen to me, Rahm Immanuel's interpretation of the so-called Civil Defense Service is all the more frightening.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama Pledges Support for US Missiles in Poland

In the first few days within being elected President of the United States, Barack Obama has taken bold stances toward the foreign policy discussion. During a weekend when most Americans are attempting to take a break from the confrontational political jabber which has been blasted through the FOXs and CNNs of the world since September 11th, Obama took steps to greater hostility toward not only Iran, but also Russia and most of the populace in Central Europe.

According to the AP, President-Elect Obama spoke with Polish President Lech Kaczyinski this past Friday, and promised Kaczyinski his continued support for the Missile Defense Shield, which will include a radar in Brdy, Czech Republic, and ten anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, only 100 miles from the Russian border. Seeking to establish close ties with the Polish government, in both economic and military matters, Polish newsite reported that Obama hinted at making a visit to Warsaw as a top point on his agenda for 2009. However, Obama's willfull concessions to increased militarization in Central Europe and increased hostility with Russia strikes alarm to many of the citizens of these freedom-loving nations.

At a President-Elect news briefing the next day, Obama representative Dennis McDonough backpedalled on questions about Obama's telephone conference with Kaczyinski. When asked about Obama's support for stationing missiles in Poland, he claimed that Obama has continued supporting the greater Missile Defense Shield project only if the science proves that it actually works. However, the many scientific tests done over the past year for the radar in the Czech Republic have questioned the integrity of the system and pointed out the many health risks for citizens living in the 50km area.

Despite all the jabber and positioning from the new mixed-signal Obama team, Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski noted that the entire system depends on the ability of the Czech Parliament to ratify the two treaties for the radar signed in Prauge earlier this summer. Unlike in 1938, this year, the Czechs (or at least their notoriously corrupt representatives), will have a chance to decide the fate of their national sovereignty.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alex Jones on Obama's Team: WAR HAWKS!

Alex Jones on Russia Today comments on the 2008 American Election and suggests that an Obama Administration will be even more hawkish than Bush on Russia.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Corporate America Wins! / The Fight Continues

Barack Obama was able to capture the election, as he easily carried the media glow of celebrity through the night. Even worse, McCain attempted a dismal "Country First" campaign that even isolated conservatives by his servant-slave-state pronounciations. But even Barack Obama's CHANGE campaign openly enumerated its corporate agenda. Famed economist Milton Friedman strongly objected to such political imagery. In his interpretation, the idea of a sheltering nanny state wreaked of totalitarianism. And he in his writing is unfraid of calling it so.

In Milton Friedman's 1962 masterpiece Capitalism and Freedom, he addresses the challenges facing modern society, much which, its institutions have helped to create. In a benevolent and just fashion, Friedman conveys the major benefits society has reaped from liberalism and the laissez faire culture our society is rooted in. He speaks of the liberation from authoritarian rule which humanistic movements in the Rennaissance and Enlightenment championed. This progress in thought revolutionized society from a shell of slaves and masters into a world of independent action and destiny.

Much prosperity and advance can be celebrated. But, Friedman argues that with the rise of the corporate nation state since the 1930's, free man's progress is now threatened by a new form of innocuously phrased authoritarian rule. The power to heavily tax, distort monetary value, and make major closed international trade agreements serve an unfree nationalist agenda that smacks of fraud. In Friedman's delicate, sensible and logical way, the reader is left to ponder the fate of freedom in practicality. Convincingly so, putting into practice Friedman's arguments for allowing non-regulated open-market solutions would greatly improve our lives.

Education is an invaluable measure of a People. It is the basis for many's status and well-being. Even the success of their future depends on their attainment of education. But, in a nation where our Constitution explicity leaves all matters of local education to local authorities, it is astonishing to think of the shallow federal programs for education. Sadly, as Friedman points out, much federal meddling ammounts to little educational advances and in most cases, contributes to the demise of educational standards.

Calling for local communities to voluntarily cooperate to form schools with admission open to all, Friedman claims that much competitiveness would be maintained. For they would be a "shareholder" in this cooperative effort and care for the success in education above other nearby schools. Friedman stresses that "this would eliminate government machinery required to collect tax from all residence" (87). Thus, would be a just in a free and open society.

Friedman does concede to some federal aid to extreme considerations in which one's livelihood is now entirely depended on the state. Wisely, and in the name of laissez faire, he argues for "a combination of public and private schools" (93). He continues that, "It would permit competition to develop, the development and improvement of all schools would thus be stimulated. The injection of healthy competition would do much to promote a healthy variety of schools" (93). But private schools would eventually excel because once controlled by the state, "the parent or local community comes to exsercise little control" (95). Throughout his writing, Friedman's tone smacks of well-thought out indignance of the present status quo.

His writing screams out like a defender of a great unintangible prize. But, his steadfast belief that "government intervention reduces freedom and limits voluntary cooperation" (113) convinces of the power of a voluntary society. His further assertion that, "in a society based on free discussion, the appropriate recourse is for me to seek to persuade them that their tastes are bad and that they should change their views and their behavior, not to use coercive power to enforce my tastes and my attitudes on others" (111). The well-meaning virtue weaved through his work is all the more a testament to the principles of liberalism.

For now government affects society in boundless ways. Friedman asserts that

"the direction in which policy is now moving, of permitting corporations to make contributions for charitable purposes and allowing deductions for income tax, is a step in direction of creating a true divorce between ownership and control and of undermining the basic nature and character of our society. It is a step away from an individualistic society and toward the corporate state" (136).

Friedman continues on to champion the free market and its "invisible hand" as a critical link necessary to unleash the goodness and creativity of man. In describing his process he argues that in a long term look the United States' progress (as of 1962) in technological advances, living standards, and social culture proves that freedom works. Friedman explains that,

"The United States has continued to progress; its citizens have become better fed, better clothed, better housed, and better transported; class and social distinctions have narrowed; minority groups have become less disadvantaged; popular culture has advanced by leaps and bounds. All this has been the product of the initiative and drive of individuals co-operating through the free market. Government measures have hampered not helped this development. We have been able to afford and surmount these measures only because of the extraordinary fecundity of the market. The invisible hand has been more potent for progress than the visible hand for retrogression" (200).

As government has grown larger and more intrusive than ever under the cleavership of George W. Bush, it is frightening to see what the future holds now that the private banks are now directing our federal government. Through the guise of the now dictatorial Secretary of the Treasury, the banks have their own "President", able to command the economy at will. After Congress voted down the initial horrendously hashed Bailout, we have both Obama and McCain to thank for the media wind they used to steal from the poor to give to the super-elite rich of the greater Goldman-Sachs community. Such fraud still stings for the average losing American. After all, considering the history of America's government in the first decade of the 21st century, maybe favoring the consciously guided path of laissez faire freedom isn't such a bad idea.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ralph Nader Runs On!

As Ralph Nader made his final campaign stops for his 2008 Presidential bid, on occassion he embarked on a journey to Minneapolis, Minnesota, this past Friday. In a small and intimate, yet racuous crowd held in Willey Hall on the University of Minnesota campus, Nader spoke with prolonged diatribes against the political and moral decay in America. He Counterd the delicate myths of the mainstream with eloquent, often philosophical remarks which lead to thunderous applause. He teased Americans about the shallow criteria now have instated as the qualities on which to judge a President. He mocked Obama for his pseudo-liberal creed, all of it formulated by his corporate masters. And Ralph Nader assailed Bush/Cheney for their utter disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. He comended the Impeachment proceedings against Bush and criticized Nancy Pelosi several times for her stalwart support of neo-conservative agendas. However, most powerfully, Nader begged the crowd for more civic leadership on the local level, as he promoted community activism as a solution to take on America's and the World's problems.

Nader came slugging with his respected anti-war, pro-liberty messagte. Yet his advocacy of socialist policies to combat local issues left a strong disconnect. Nonetheless, Nader's intentions are well-hearted and his demands to drastically cut the bloated and bursting military budget shiow his wise understanding of Empire. Declaring the dangers of a multi-national corporate empire, Nader chastised Big Oil and its recieved gifts from the corporate welfare system imposed by the federal government. He also presented the case for single-payer government issued healthcare, and stressed "no one in America should die becuase they can't see a doctor." However, his solutions for health and education fall short of returning to Consitutional doctrine, Nader brings a fresh attitude to a stinking rotten old game.

Nader made multiple calls to action during the speech, urging the founding of a new independent liberty-minded party. Upon being asked whether such a party, composed of both social-liberlas and libertarians could be formed to merge into a political power base, Nader answered optimistically. He pointed to the "We Agree" platform, (adopted by Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin and himself with the guidance of Texas Congressman Ron Paul), as a stronng sign that such a confluence is occurring and will have the possibility of becoming a powerful political party in the near future. He then advised the questioner to "stay tuned" to the movement in this country. While there are many blanks yet to be filled in, this possible alliance presents strong hope for the coming years.

As Nader predicted tougher economic times to befall the nation, he warned of the possibility of a quick disenchantment with an Obama Administration. Nader predicted that Obama would receive much blame for the economic situation in the following years. In addition, Obama's continued adherence to the corporate status-quo will produce greater fractioning of an empassioned but still ill-informed populace. In the outcome, an independent leadership without the political gaming of the Republican-Democrat plutocracy will gain the opportunity to rise. We can all only work to ensure, that when the time is right, the People will restore its place.