Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fools on the Stage for All to See

As John McCain and Barack Obama held the first Presidential Debate last evening, many were shocked by their incompetence as well as their foolish remarks which only made them look as hypocrites shamelessly exposing themselves and their opponents with even higher levels of nerve and disrespect. In a debate that dodged questions of a Federal Reserve takeover of the government as well as the real issues surrounding the War on Terror, McCain and Obama bumbled their way through the ill worded questions of Jim Lehrer. But, perhaps most terrible was their answers on wars abroad and the muddled mess they emitted from their seething greedy bodies.

And is anyone else tired of politicians using sappy stories about dead Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans' parents begging them to either win or leave the completely failed and flawed wars? John McCain perhaps made the most foolish point of the night, repeatedly remarking that dead veterans' parents begged him to continue to fight on and win the war. McCain could not have looked more ridiculous, a veteran himself, but a peddler of perpetual war. Obama took some moral points on the night essentially arguing that the Iraq War is wrong, and ultimately not winnable. But, definitions of so-called "victory" were hard to come by the two corporate candidates.

But perhaps most striking, Barack Obama hayed out Zbiginiew Brzezinski's plan to extensively expand the now seven year conflict in Afghanistan. McCain pointed out the fact that he is against the "surge" in Iraq, but plans his own extension of war in Afghanistan. Things were getting wild at this point. If only a third party candidate could have stepped in and shown the stark similarity of the pro-war strategy of both Republicans and Democrats.

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