Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Journalists Arrested, Demoted

The ever-expansive corporate media has spread a bit further and begun its crackdown on deviationists from the government-media stronghold that dictates our entire scope of information. Recently at the RNC in St. Paul, many journalists were blatantly mistreated and arrested along with peaceful protesters for merely doing their job. The government has now relied exclusively on coercion and intimidation to destroy the strong ring of liberty-minded journalists with prominent positions. Amy Goodman, anchorwoman or Democracy Now! was arrested in St. Paul and charged with obstruction of justice for merely trying to videotape and cover unlawful arrests being made. And Goodman is only one of the more high-profile journalists to be taken down by the new corporate-organ state.

In addition, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC was also demoted from his election coverage anchor position after he chided the GOP for taking advantage of the tragedy of September 11th for political purposes. Olbermann said,

“If at this late date any television network had of its own accord shown that much graphic videotape– I speak as someone who lost several friends there– it, we would be rightly eviscerated at all corners, perhaps by the Republican party itself for exploiting the memories of the dead and for perhaps trying to evoke that pain again".

It is shameful that the only journalists out there in the corporate media defending the People are hung out to dry as if their quality reporting is something unwanted. Instead of the praise that should be bestowed on such a brave one-man stand, Olbermann received lashings, all while risking his own job, and possibly his life.

Since America continues to imprison journalists, and fire those who do not fit within the fascist "Party line", it seems no different to me than communist China or totalitarian Iran. Our organizations are now complicit in these moves which are against freedom and most importantly, violate the U.S. Constitution. If we are to live in a free society, we must defend these endearing workers, who give everything of themselves, all for such few effort from ourselves.

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