Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Stupidity of Celebrity

As America gears up for the insane but often inane rush of the 2008 elections season, most of the buzz on the streets completely misses the point. Instead of focusing of real issues that will deeply affect Americans for generations to come, like the US military empire and our current economic crisis, the candidates have unfortunately chosen to focus on the rather benign issues of gender, race, "leadership", and pop icon imagery to move the electorate.

Obama's campaign turned from a somewhat respectable young leader's bid for disarmament and a more liberal social environment in 2007, to a mess of war threats against Iran, tacit support for internationalist NAFTA and nationalization of the banking sector, and a continued support for the USA PATRIOT Act.

McCain, in his ever abysmal naive retrograde, has gone from a kind-hearted moderate who strongly opposes torture, to a hardline neo-conservative with an insatiable greed to tax, take away greater personal liberties, and center his campaign on the cultural divide and strife which has divided our nation since the end of Reagan's term. Far from the social liberal he once professed to be, he is a strong supporter of the underachieving and ineffective drug war, and a fear monger whose spiritual advisor mixes evangelical Christianity with Muslim-hating diatribes. Also, McCain's untenable policies of perpetual war certainly put the country at the crossroads on an ever dark road to the next decade.

As for the charade known as the Vice Presidential selections, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are equally ashamedly slithering chameleon-types, with a propensity for changing attitudes, policies, and even images. Neither Biden, one of the main pursuants of the Iraq War or Palin, a neophyte self-ascribed "hockey mom" whose experience in economic and defense issues is a glaring red light of danger as McCain reaches his 73rd year, plan to give Americans any new slack. Palin's social policies are all the same despicable, and her utter disregard for the Constitution and innately secured rights of citizens is a scary trend for the future.

But, perhaps most disappointing this election season, the campaigns have put off talking about the real issues since the Party debates ended in late February, and have worked hard to distract Americans for the true problems staring each one in the face. McCain now associates with Paris Hilton, and Obama being no better, just raised over $10 million in the shallow and sticky pit of Hollywood. Even Hillary Clinton's extended alluding to Saturday Night Live skits during the debates got more attention the both Parties' stasi-state health care plan.

It is time the American people start asking the questions the media refuses to comprise in the national debate of the ages. Unfortunately, each side is more confused than ever on their own positions and philosophical beliefs, and ever more disinterested in genuinely helping our nation. It's time to leave the carnival circus that is the two party system behind and endear ahead for a new era of Enlightenment.

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