Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Peace Corps Evacuates Madagascar

Today, the AP reported that the Peace Corps is evacuating its 112 members from Madagascar after political unrest in January produced a president hostage at the hands of a military coup.

This event makes Madagascar the second country this year to directly or inadvertantly remove U.S. personnel from their borders. Earlier in January, Kryzgystan ordered U.S. troops to leave their country and close down its primary military base in central Asia after Kryzgystan accepted Russian economic aid. Kryzgystan was the essential U.S. base for carrying out bombing raids on Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the moment it is unclear whether the Peace Corps will return to the large island of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. The Peace Corps website clarifies that the operations in Madagascar are "temporarily suspended". The Peace Corps includes 8,000 Americans volunteering 27 month commitments in 76 different countries.

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