Monday, March 30, 2009

Panel Suggests Mandatory Screening for all Teenagers

In a wide reaching report issued by the government-supported American Academy of Pediatrics; doctors are now recommended to screen all teenage patients for symptons of clinical depression the Star-Tribune reports. This report aimed to investigate ideas in which doctors can better detect depression and eliminate its negative consequences.

Yet, it rings odd that physicians are now deemed part of a mental evaluation in which the patient can be deemed "unfit". As doctors are not experts in psychology it is surprising that this widely recognized doctoral academy is suggesting screening for which their audience is wholly unqualified. Moreover, the implications of physicians intervening in mental health care could detriment proper treatment through conflicting diagnostic interests and further pharmeceutical market regulations.

With the scope of medicine broadening to squeeze effectiveness at the strain of purpose, it is perhaps wise to now ask, what good will all this gut-inspired hardy work produce? Most likely, none.

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