Sunday, March 15, 2009

Europe Continues Militarization

Over the past week, revelations that Nicolas Sarkozy wants France to join NATO after a forty year absence and that the United States will begin constructing a $117 million embassy in Belgrade, Serbia has jolted the intensification of American military influence in Europe.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that France will soon be the subject of a confidence vote to rejoin NATO after leaving in 1966 under the leadership of Charles DeGaulle. DeGaulle claimed that membership in NATO was a subversion of national autonomy.

Sarkozy praised rejoining NATO by citing the importance of cooperation in the U.S.-led War on Terror. Sarkozy has been a strong advocate of partnering with U.S. designs to eliminate evil from the world. France is heavily involved in NATO operations and currently has troops in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the United States government along with Serb President Tadic announced that a vast new $117 million embassy will be built outside of the Serb capitol, Belgrade. The former U.S. embassy was burned to the ground during riots last summer in opposition to the NATO-enforced declaration of independence of Kosovo. A large majority of Serbs believe that Kosovo is the spiritual heart of their country and strongly oppose American intervention.

Serbia endured U.S.-led NATO bombing raids on their cities in 1999 that killed many civilians. These bombings lauded in the American media as “humanitarian” and "worth it" remain a deep insult to Serb people.

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