Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama ridicules Marijuana Activism, Legalization

In a Friday afternoon press conference, President Obama fielded questions from a nationwide Internet audience in which over 3.5 million questions were submitted. The highest portion of questions asked by the online video audience focused on the legalization of marijuana. While many of the clips related to medicinal marijuana legislation, others more generally questioned the federal government's long term policy of the War on Drugs.

However, President Obama mocked marijuana activists, many of whom noted they supported him because of his often liberal stance on social issues. Before being asked the question he prefaced his response by stating that viewers advised that legalization would be a way to grow the economy. He flatly dismissed this notion, remarking " "No! I do not think that is a good strategy to grow our economy. Okay, alright." His statement was then followed by muffled laughter and spontaneous applause. He also joked that, "I don't know what this says about the online audience." Obama then quickly moved on to the next question.

White House Secretary Robert Gibbs when later asked actual reasons why Obama opposed marijuana legalization, he toughly laughed it off stumbling that although the White House is not bothered by it, it is just the way it is. He falied to explain reasoning on why the federal government deems marijuana a dangerously harmful and illegal substance and why thousands of Americans are put in jail each year over recreational use.

The Obama administration has already to begin to shed the very People who put it in power for the convenience of political gain and continuance of the procession of status quo.

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Anonymous said...

If you voted for Obama cause you thought he might legalize marijuana to help jump start the economy then you might be just a little insane.

I don't even feel this is a liberal issue. California one of the most liberal states in the union won't let Gays get married then I think weed has a long fight ahead of it!