Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hugo Chavez Slams Obama's War on Drugs

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sharply criticized American President Barack Obama over the weekend, stating that President Bush's War on Drugs continues unabated under the "new" American government. The New York Times reports that Chavez took shots, assailing Obama as a "continuation of the Bush era."

President Chavez critical rhetoric grew harsher, he said,

"The Obama administration has again attacked Venezuela. He said that Venezuela and I, even citing my name, do not cooperate in the fight against drug trafficking. The country that most supports drug trafficking on this planet is the United States."

"The United States is the world's leading consumer of drugs. Why can't they stop drugs from coming into their country? Obama, you take care of your business and I'll take care of mine. Don't mess with me, Mr Obama."

While Venezuela has cooperated in the recent past with America's War on Drugs inside their own borders, Chavez has grown wary of international Washington programs he claims is a front for undermining efforts for national autonomy. Mr. Chavez continues to be a strong critic of the United States. He gained notoriety after calling former President Bush "the devil" in a 2006 speech to the United Nations.

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