Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Americans Disapprove of Afghan War, Others Justify

In a new poll released by Gallup and USA Today, 42% of respondents believe that sending U.S. troops to Afghanistan is "a mistake". After eight years of military occupation, Americans are growing weary of the first major battleground in the endless War on Terror.

In late 2001 after the United States invaded Afghanistan, over 89% supported the war in that country. Yet, still a slim majority of 52% still believe that the war in Afghanistan is "going well" despite the fact that civilian casualties skyrocketed in 2008.

Obviously, there is some misinformation regarding the success of U.S. forces in interdicting in the tribal lands. President Obama announced in January that he will be adding an additional 17,000 troops to the country to push numbers of forces near 60,000. The Obama administration has yet to put any date or timetable on the idea of a withdrawal of forces.

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