Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recount Woes Continue

In one of the closest U.S. Senate races in history, incumbent Senator of Minnesota Norm Coleman (R) leads challenger Al Franken (D) by 282 votes at the conclusion of the recount; IP Candidate Dean Barkley came in third with fifteen percent. But in a circus style enactment of unfolding drama, both campaigns have lept out at each other in seemingly particular envy and rage. And despite the two's famed personalities, (unfortunatley a centerpiece of the campaign), it all comes down to the rejected ballots which now number over 5,000.

In the day of computer Diebolt controlled voting, it is amazing that they are even able to recount anything, knowing that people did not actually place paper ballots. While the jokes about the hanging chad from 2000 are again all the rage, it is laughable to think that these ballot assessors are only counting receipts from a computer, that could have easily been modified in the machine before the reprint!

It is simply astounding to think of the farce of democracy this recount has perpetuated. With 3,000 absentee ballots rejected and another 2,000 from the initial vote count thrown out during the recount, it is difficult to trust any final answer; and I'm sure the string of lawsuits to follow won't make it any easier.

The answer is simple, it proves itself. Voting machines must go if we are to protect the republic and keep the integrity of the vote. The most sensitive part of how America conducts business should be closely guarded from all frauds, especially voting machine corporations, those who essentially control the count.

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