Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ralph Nader Runs On!

As Ralph Nader made his final campaign stops for his 2008 Presidential bid, on occassion he embarked on a journey to Minneapolis, Minnesota, this past Friday. In a small and intimate, yet racuous crowd held in Willey Hall on the University of Minnesota campus, Nader spoke with prolonged diatribes against the political and moral decay in America. He Counterd the delicate myths of the mainstream with eloquent, often philosophical remarks which lead to thunderous applause. He teased Americans about the shallow criteria now have instated as the qualities on which to judge a President. He mocked Obama for his pseudo-liberal creed, all of it formulated by his corporate masters. And Ralph Nader assailed Bush/Cheney for their utter disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. He comended the Impeachment proceedings against Bush and criticized Nancy Pelosi several times for her stalwart support of neo-conservative agendas. However, most powerfully, Nader begged the crowd for more civic leadership on the local level, as he promoted community activism as a solution to take on America's and the World's problems.

Nader came slugging with his respected anti-war, pro-liberty messagte. Yet his advocacy of socialist policies to combat local issues left a strong disconnect. Nonetheless, Nader's intentions are well-hearted and his demands to drastically cut the bloated and bursting military budget shiow his wise understanding of Empire. Declaring the dangers of a multi-national corporate empire, Nader chastised Big Oil and its recieved gifts from the corporate welfare system imposed by the federal government. He also presented the case for single-payer government issued healthcare, and stressed "no one in America should die becuase they can't see a doctor." However, his solutions for health and education fall short of returning to Consitutional doctrine, Nader brings a fresh attitude to a stinking rotten old game.

Nader made multiple calls to action during the speech, urging the founding of a new independent liberty-minded party. Upon being asked whether such a party, composed of both social-liberlas and libertarians could be formed to merge into a political power base, Nader answered optimistically. He pointed to the "We Agree" platform, (adopted by Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin and himself with the guidance of Texas Congressman Ron Paul), as a stronng sign that such a confluence is occurring and will have the possibility of becoming a powerful political party in the near future. He then advised the questioner to "stay tuned" to the movement in this country. While there are many blanks yet to be filled in, this possible alliance presents strong hope for the coming years.

As Nader predicted tougher economic times to befall the nation, he warned of the possibility of a quick disenchantment with an Obama Administration. Nader predicted that Obama would receive much blame for the economic situation in the following years. In addition, Obama's continued adherence to the corporate status-quo will produce greater fractioning of an empassioned but still ill-informed populace. In the outcome, an independent leadership without the political gaming of the Republican-Democrat plutocracy will gain the opportunity to rise. We can all only work to ensure, that when the time is right, the People will restore its place.

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