Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rahm Immanuel's Plan for America

Congressman Rahm Immanuel (D) of Illinois has been the first primetime face to emerge on the scene from Barack Obama's newly formed cabinet. As Obama's head chief of staff, Immanuel is the first in a soon-to-be stream of choices for cabinet appointments from the corporately-owned Democrats. In the video posted below (from as well as CNN), Immanuel is recorded speaking about his plan for a required three month to four month "Civil Defense Service" program that would require all Americans to join part of civilian military training and as Immanuel hints, a nationally-required program of corporate-state indoctrination.

In the guise of "civic participation" the program would teach civilians simple military tactics and domestic spying; it is all too reminiscent of the required camps for students in the former USSR and Communist bloc nations. According to Obama and Immanuel's idea of America, taking away people's freedom is a good thing for Americans. Instead of wholesomely encouraging people to be active in their community voluntarily with the will to do it, "required service", or a coercion of people into a paramilitary domestic unit is nothing short of selling one's people straight into bondage.

But don't listen to me, Rahm Immanuel's interpretation of the so-called Civil Defense Service is all the more frightening.

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