Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulating the Public

With all this talk about the new huge economic stimulus plan, I began to wonder, what's so stimulating about this message? After all, only a few weeks after assuming power, our President in his description of the ever grander "Bailout" sounds uncannily similar to another chief executive. Worst of all, playing the former President's talk only exerts pain over a figure who most Americans desire expelled from society.

President Obama is sounding alot like President Bush touting "economic stimulus" and the need to "hit the ground running" in order to "move swiftly and effectively", all equipped with "extraordinary" power.

If Obama really wanted to stimulate America, wouldn't he want to push legislation that actually changed it?

For one, it is obvious that the U.S. military occupations in Affghanistan and Iraq are primary culprits in the waning of American power. THis is not to mention another 700 bases in nearly 140 nations. To end these destructive wars abroad as well as the countless occupations of U.S. military bases would not only shake up America and in the longterm improve the economy, but it would also shock the world. Anti-American sentiment would be vastly reduced and enemies made weak and powerless.

In addition, Obama could end domestic spying which permeates all citizens' lives and adversely affects their human rights. Yet, his team seems highly unlikely to challenge the Orwellian NSA or even worse, abolish the Department of Homeland Security.

Furthermore, Obama could end the War on Drugs. An unnecessary war that more often results in bloodbath and injustice rather than reconciliation and rehab, nearly half of the 1,000,000 Americans in prison are locked up for using or distributing banned narcotics. Many serve long sentences for small amounts of illegal drugs. The amount of money spent on legal representation as well as prison maintenance for an arrested drug-using population is excessive and grossly inadequate to properly provide for the needs of the community. To allow local authority priority over drug regulationj would greatly decrease frivolous arrests and incarcerations. To end the War on Drugs, including funding for the war outside the United States, would not only save billions or even trillions, but would make America safer.

Or better yet, Obama could call for an essential budget freeze on all non-necessary programs. Many state governments have already taken this measure. At elast cutting in half military spending from $1 trillion to $500 billion a year could save some money and repay a part of the $13 trillion national debt. It could also prepare America for life with a more reasonable, and perhaps more effective military presence. Obama could also cut spending programs and refuse to pass bills with overly laden local projects. But, with his strong urging and almost dictatorial lead, Obama's first signature on the economic stimulus bill could near almost $2 trillion. It is an action and a sum that will turn our founding fathers in their very graves.

I have a whole laundry list of possible actions or suggestions President Obama could give or take. Here is to name a few that would immediately improve our lives and the economy:

Abolish the Federal Income Tax
Repeal the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act
Reduce vastly the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal
End U.S. Foreign Military Aid
Restore the Bill of Rights

But with his own slew of so-called "expert" advisors I doubt he will follow my advice. At least we can stimulate each other and ponder what could be.

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