Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Deadly Drone Attack Kills 27 in Pakistan

Today, 27 Pakistanis lost their lives when an unmanned American Predator attack drone fired a missile into an alleged terrorist hideout. This latest strike in the rugged country of south Waziristan comes admist past protests from the Pakistani government and strong condemnations from people living in these tribal areas.

According to Reuters, most killed in the attack were Uzbeks and allegedly high leaders of the resurgent Taliban. These unmanned drone missile strikes started last November by the Bush Administration has become common fare of military operations along the Afghan-Pakistan border. The policy now continues under the supposed liberal "anti-war" President Barack Obama as protests from Pakistan's highest leaders have deceased while attacks continue.

While it is unclear whether any civilians were killed in the raid, the last notable raid in late January killed nearly two dozen women and children. According to Reuters, about 220 people have died from these U.S. missile strikes inside of Pakistan.

As the Obama Administration poises for announcing a new "surge" tactic in Afghanistan expected to double the amount of troops in that country. A conflict that has continued unabated since the October 2001 American invasion, this ancient region seems no more stabilized or ready for peace than when the Soviet Union occupied its terrority from 1980-1988. The length of the American presence is now on the verge of eclipsing their former imperial counterpart.

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