Thursday, February 26, 2009

Riots Continue in Greece

Yesterday in Athens the protests of late last year continued as a large number of citizens were able to effectively shut down the nation's capitol city airport. Riots began last fall in November after a 15 year old was shot and killed by police. Since then, the rioting has escalated as many Greeks have come to the streets to protest their government in lieu of the world economic crisis.

According to Reuters, thousands of farmers blocked national border crossings in January in protest of the low prices of their products. These protests were quelled after the government announced a 500 million Euro economic bailout, similar to those already dictated in the United States.

Riots also broke out during Greek carnival celebrations this month. This video presents one such protest in Thessaloniki.

As unrest has now continued for several months it is unclear what the final outcome of the situation will be and how it will effect the rest of Europe and the world. Rising discontent with the economic situation could present governments around Europe and North America with more sustained and concerted protests. So far, Greece has declined to use lethal force against their citizens.

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