Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Iowa National Guard Cancels Plans to Raid Arcadia, Iowa

After announcing last week that the Iowa National Guard would be conducting a four-day military exercise in the city of Arcadia, Iowa, they are now cancelling plans for the event after being bombarded with several hundred emails and calls complaining about the proposed raid. According to the Des Moines Register plans called for 100 troops to be involved in the operation in which they would go door to door searching houses with prior consent in the tiny town of 443.

As nationally syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones brought to the attention of the wider national public, his focus on the story brought several complaints to the city, many of them from Arcadia residents or in towns nearby. However, Arcadia Mayor Oran Kohorst says he supported the training event and does not understand that there are any safety concerns regarding the proposed raid.

This event follows a string of new military policies instituted this decade where entire live U.S. towns become target practice for new strategies preparing the military for a War on Terror in the United States.

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