Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unrest in Greece, Citizens Clash with Police

As riots in Greece now extend into their fifth day, unrest is growing, especially among the youth population in prominent locations in Athens and Patras. Protests began when a 15 year old youth was mistakenly shot last week by local Athens police. The policemen responsible are now being held on murder charges. However, the protests have now widened to a general standoff between the Government and the People.

Protesters are composed of trade union groups, citizen activists, and a small but vocal minority of young "anarchists" extremely unhappy with Greece's financial situation in lieu of the world crisis. Gathering in the center of Athens outside Greek Parliament, the group was eventually chased off the square by state police, armed with riot gear. Below, Al-Jazeera reports on the events.

The feeling of revolution is in the air worldwide, and these large protests in Greece presents the growing discontent that especially the youth has against the corrupt decaying democracies of Old Europe. It remains unclear what possible outcomes could occur due to the street demonstrations.

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