Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Massacre in Gaza

Black explosions in the sky
burying us in blood-lit cries
that hold the phantom of death and fierce pain
and murder love and then use its name.


When Israeli forces invaded Gaza last week in retaliation for Hamas mortar attacks into Israel, as many as 345 have died in the bombing of Palestinian settlements. According to RawStory, 57 of the dead are civilians with 21 of those being children. And in the face of worldwide protests in London, Cairo and Tehran, and pressure from the British and many middle eastern governments, the United States has vetoed a UN resolution on Israeli military atrocities in Gaza. Largely funded by the United States government through military aid, the Israeli government has threatened to further enclose Palestinians in walled ghettos. In addition, Israeli has threatened on multiple occasions to bomb Iran, and seemingly reserves that right with the backing of the United States. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) has publicly called for an independent UN investigation on the situation of Gaza. Yet, it remains no surprise that worldwide calls for peace are being flicked off by the forefinger of military might.


Undeclared war is all the rage,
till through infinity
drag down our fate.

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