Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Year, New President

As 2008 putters out its final fleeting days, and the excitement of the media-election euphoria subsides, while the new year may bring a new President, there is little new to celebrate. The American economy is coming to hard grips with itself after losing 600,000 jobs alone in November. Even President-Elect Obama has said "it is going to get worse". Inheriting a shambled structure and a deficient brain force, the outlook is a fast and hardened reality, far from the unclear description of change and accountability hinted at by the fervor of his campaign.

But, amazingly, many Americans still seem as clueless about what their government is doing after a two-year election spree that did little to educate. The sickening cronyism which fueled Sarah Palin's dimwitted artificial media-created personality-based rise has now put Hillary Clinton atop the government as Secretary of State. Obama and Clinton are sidestepping the Constitution by granting her the post. During her last tenure in Congress, she voted for a pay-raise for Secretary of State. The Constitution prohibits members of Congress from gaining government posts on which they had a vested interest in increasing the wage. Her statements on her will to "obliterate Iran" are all the more disturbing. Instead of sticking to campaign promises, Obama has already cut back on his so-called "liberal" tendencies. He accepted the media personality-game and has made some of the biggest appointments on name recognition alone.

What people fail to realize, uncover and discuss, are the facts, staring us in the face. Corporate America prevailed in 2008. With all the guise and genius of the marketing agent or salesman, the media pitched the corporate creed and cloaked it in all the forms of the independent, open-minded, anti-establishment sentiment that has extensively grown in intensity in the American public. Believing the big media lies that we only have two choices, or One choice really, they have snatched our Republic from our trusting outstretched hands. And not only that, but they have largely succeeded in stealing the minds of young and old alike.

In a society where we fight wars without reason, spend our days in front of cancerous screens, and peddle all sorts of distortions of truth without knowing our own history and values, it is shocking that the great minds of the American public are relegated to phony debates about traditionally "partisan" magnet issues of abortion, social-conservative-liberalism, and most of all, terrorism. The farce of the terrorism card is now well known to the American people after being blasted for eight years with warnings, color-coded alerts, and flat out threatening news reports. Even Barack Obama sounds more like Bush everyday talking about the need "to hit the ground running," with "the ability to move swiftly," to "finish the job" in regards to the "terrorists along the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan".

Hasn't America renounced such knucklehead remarks? Hasn't America ended its pigheaded way of destruction?

It remains to be seen, but for now, the outlook is not good. As we sit back this Christmas season and New Year's Eve we can think and be glad to have a drink. We can of course hail the new year with great joy. But, I am not mistaken. The New Year brings a new President, but not a new Nation.

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