Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bush II: The Sun King

Excitement bubbles over as America poises for Bush's departure from the White House in January. But unfortunately, his thuggish trail of blood and laced booty of chronic debt lingers on. Another famed tyrant once said, "I depart, but the State will always remain." Louis XIV would be pleased with Bush the Younger's masterful takeover. Strikingly similar to the "Sun King," Bush has greatly increased the nation's power center as Washington D.C. sings his centralized socialist praises. And as the House threatens to ratify the infamous Bailout Bill, the future hold for even greater centralization. Much like Louis, Bush sees his greatest enemy as the independently wealthy professional class, and seeks piece by piece their destruction. Louis' answer had been equal to Bush's courting of once-pronounced conservatives, who turned socialist overnight for the honor to play with the presidential court lyre. The Palace of Versailles entertained and ultimately preoccupied the independent wealth of France so that Louis could bend them to his will. And after they forfeited their power to the ever-seductive Louis, his creation of Code Law, later the basis for Napoleonic Code, would forever rein in the wealthy's ability for decentralized local-initiative governance. Likewise, the USA PATRIOT Act and the organization of the Department of Homeland Security serve Bush's purpose of indoctrinating a subservient society with no rights and inducing enforcers to break the will of all those who object. His endorsement of federal takeover at every level stinks of Louis' embalmed corpse.

And no longer do Republican values matter. After whole heartedly cramming a dictatorial proposal down Americans' throats, the Bailout Bill has proven Bush and his sick band of thieves to be completely devoid of any reputable ideology or tact. Now, the game has changed and like Louis, the Sun King, all the court, lawmakers, media and world revolve around Bush without reason or response. They sit like play-toys in his coat pocket. The only ideology that matters to Bush is that of Authority.

Similar to America's 20th century, 17th century France and Europe experienced a devastating international conflict. The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) was unparalleled in scale and consequence as a fight over the Holy Roman Empire spilled into a conflict centering on the acquisition of global dominance. It even led the Swedes to victory, urged by their covetous queen to enter the fight to acquire Europe's most precious art. Devastation was wrought throughout the continent, and as much of the population died, peace was well welcomed.

Likewise, World War II was the most destructive conflict of modern times. And its spark help start off new races for political, cultural and military global supremacy. After America eventually rose above the USSR and the forever-frozen Cold War arms battle, it seemed peace was the answer to all. But, the new emperor did not care for the world beyond his immediate circle. Like Louis, avarice long ago seized George W. Bush.

While Louis continually fought wars to gain control of the merchant-commerce wealthy Netherlands, Bush fought for oil wealth in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both invaded nations were to have their relatively short independence castrated by imperial adventurism. Many would die, and the bloodbath of the previous devastation prolonged. Even those at home feared the coercive and ever-indebted State. Like Louis, Bush wasted a great nation's needed bullion on careless and goal-less wars. The definition of victory in Iraq remains elusive.

Despite all the concerted efforts of the most powerful militaries of the world, the intruder eventually faces expulsion, but only as the angry mob thrusts weight on its own castle doors, desperately attempting to send a wave through the bullet proof, sound secured lair. The financial crisis would only fuel future Revolution, and the People knew it.

Bush will continue to slash and burn, rape and steal, pilger and profit till icy death grips him in sleep. His erratic rule has spawned a thousand new petty dictators in the wake, all clamoring for the same false riches the new Sun King seeks. While we can thank the 22nd Amendment that Bush can only terrorize America for eight years, Louis got fifty-four. Unfortunately, the damage may be even greater.

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