Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Vote for Obama is A Vote for Bush

For those that think voting for Barack Obama will bring the change this country desperately needs, they are sorely mistaken. Of the main points:

-Obama will continue and enlarge the already EIGHT YEAR WAR in Afghanistan

(maybe we should learn a history lesson about WHY the USSR went bankrupt and collapsed)

-Obama supports telecom immunity and domestic spying on AMERICAN CITIZENS

-Obama plans to nationalize more of the banking industry as CNN reports the US is now more communist than Putin-ruled Russia

-Obama has yet to specify his plan to withdraw from Iraq, and has yet to talk about US oil company deals in Iraq

-Obama believes he knows whats best to do with your money, will urge states to pass state income tax laws

-Obama (once a Constitutional law instructor) insists on federal solutions to everything, and does not properly understand the division of powers, or the 10th Amendment which leaves all powers not enumerated to Congress to the States

-Obama plans to use Clinton Administration foreign policy advisors like Madeleine Albright and Zbiginiew Brzezinski (architects of the "humanitarian success" NATO bombing campaign in Serbia which was responsible for many civilian deaths)

-Obama's machine is driven by corporate sponsorship and backroom deals

-Obama supports placing nuclear missiles in Poland, along with a radar system in Czech Republic to conquer and divide Slavic European countries

-Obama does not understand the chief meanings of freedom and liberty


Raney said...

Hey cousin. For personal research purposes, can you provide sources?

The Friendly Neighbor said...

These are mainstream news stories coming out of the New York Times, AP, and Reuters. They just aren't repeated every day for four weeks straight like those about Reverend Wright.