Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zombies Crash In on Minneapolis!

This past Saturday, the fourth annual Zombie Pub Crawl made its way from Gold Medal Park into the Heart of downtown Minneapolis. Upon assuming attendance at The Cabooze, the alive that came were horrified by the brash and undead quality of the zombies who piled around. The Spawn of Death parade brought the dead unto Earth and with their presence new life was spawned. Admist the rhythms of Asheville's Toubab Krewe and into the late hours of the night with Minneapolis' MC/VL and later hometown heroes Dance Band, the Zombie crew held it down, slugging down beer and drinking smoking tea in the crisp cool Midwest air. Many I met were of another state, unable to converse unto me. Others, however, were of the more jovial sort, and wailed and sang with me the songs of the living.

But, the night of return was not by any means in vain. A new excitement swelled over the Seward area of Minneapolis and talk and laughter ventured into the reaches of morning sunlight. While some zombies may have left to return to the dead with regrets, all had to have been pleased with the travail in the new world.

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