Sunday, August 3, 2008

$50 Million Dollars to RNC Cops

One of America's most entertained buzz-words in the first decade of the 21st century must without a doubt be "security". With a complete public perception and attitude change being steered by federal and local governments, it's no telling what the change in the level of trust and openness has wrought amongst American society.

Perhaps even more frightening is the idea that these vague, intrusive and often unnecessary measures taken in the name of "security" may be making our world in fact more dangerous. Recently, it was announced that both seats of the two major party conventions this year, Denver and St. Paul-Minneapolis, will receive $50 million security grants. While officials have not yet announced exactly how all of the money will be spent, so far in Minnesota, $34 million will be paid to over 5,000 law-enforcement personnel agencies for the four-day long event. This almost doubles the annual highest-grossing national event, Bonnaroo Music Festival, which rakes in a whopping $20 million revenue per annum.

It is shocking that whenever a society unfairly marks a problem, throwing unimaginable sums at the issue will solve it. Hardly true, more likely, these massive gifts to cops will make a mockery of justice and protestor's Constitutional rights to free speech. Citizens should expect to be greeted with thousands of police in full-fledged riot gear. Why would so many enforcers be needed for such a large, peaceful and unarmed citizenry?

In addition, equipment costs will run about $5 million with another $5 million for supplies and $1 million for travel alone. When was the last time the Libertarian Party or Green Party got this kind of security loan? Such an unfair use of taxpayer money to fund a corrupt and aging, broke system is an atrocity all Americans should express outrage over.

And most curiously, where does all this equipment, gear and high tech surveillance products go once the GOP has packed off and moved on after Labor Day? Most likely to stay in the Twin Cities for future purposes, uses and oppression of peaceful citizens merely making a greviances against their supposed free and open government.

While the city councils of Denver and St. Paul must vote to approve the grant, the conclusion is already foregone. A caged-in free speech zone, a token mic and stage provided by the city is their solution. Yes, America is free, you can speak freely as you want as long as its done where we tell you you can. It makes me wrench from the acrid puke ridden stench rising up from the floorboards of these corrupt temples of shame. And all along, my comrades deride me for crying out loudly, SHAME, SHAME, as ungrateful and immature. Well, we will win those who doubt us, those whom may not see behind the veil our government and media pulls on our entire existence and understanding of history, we will win them.

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