Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caution Phenylketonurics!

Beware Phenylketonurics, diet sodas may offer more than you're in for. Yes, that's right, the ingredients which make diet soft drinks 0 calories may cause some a doozy. While visiting a friend, he began to stammer as he attempted to read the ingredient of a bottle of Diet Pepsi MAX. Fen-ee-lik-a-a-torunurics! Contains Phenylalanine! I was immediately intrigued and soon saw the strange ingredients indicated separately from others in bold text.

Upon research, I discovered the Phenylalanine secret was a particular amino acid. Too much can hurt those with PKU syndrome, a protein deficiency disorder. Such is the same product in artificial sweetener. While it may not seem as serious as I imagined at first, the Phenylalanine still holds scary secrets.

I can only imagine what those words signified. I concluded I could not trust such a diet soda, formatted so strikingly, all without much knowledge of the tongue twisting elixir. The 0 calorie feat was still amazing me and I wondered how any non-pure water substance could carry such a trait. The magic of artificial preservation allows it.

As Pepsi Co. introduced a new way to destroy people's arteries with unsafe ingredients, much like the high fructose corn syrup found, heavily used in beverages in the United States. Whether its Phenylalanine or Red Dye #40, a boycott is needed to rid to our nation of soft drinks and artificial beverages!

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