Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Annihilation of History and Law

When George W. Bush campaigned for the presidency in 2000, his message of limited government principles overcame one of the time's most primed and polished politicians, Al Gore, to create perhaps the most unlikely presidency ever imaginable, but unfortunately with grave consequences.

But even W.'s phony campaign was already drenched in the dousing of history and surely a sign for things to come. His father and grandfather, George Bush and Prescott Bush, two of the most powerful Americans of the 20th century were known committed globalists with an expansive and careless appetite. Prescott Bush is also a known collaborator funding the Nazi regime in Germany, as a shareholder in the financial system which spurred on the devastating world wars of the past century. Those who had any grasp of history surely would have remembered the Bush family dynasty and also their current extremely close connections with the Saudi royalty. Their hands rung in oil and blood, now they find themselves covered from head to toe.

History became completely demolished by the time the media hailed Bush as a "compassionate conservative". And with compliance rising among all facets of the top of American, history stood teetering on the edge, like a porcelain vase, delicate and paused briefly in repose.

It remains hard to tell whether that vase has smashed yet on the floor into thousands of tiny fragmented pieces. When we now know all we know, and nothing has changed. Bush never vetoed a spending bill his first term in office. Our once $400 billion government surplus from the 1990s vanished overnight, only to turn up in the hands of Halliburton, Chevron, BP, and Shell. Now, America faces almost $450 billion deficit, not withstanding the $9 trillion of debt put on the average citizen. Bush hardly turned out to be conservative. He exudes his role as a thief and cold blooded killer. Yet, no one dares to speak of this traitor to our Constitution as a serious felon, rather laughs at his quips, odd smirks, and chuckles in comfort with his disdainful attitude toward humanity. Bush has done much to destroy our nation, economically as well as legally.

Regardless of where the vase lays, it remains in constant danger, as always, from internal enemies. These like Bush and Cheney that push their agenda and well-being over all else, who feed off the blood of others and laud in the drunkenness of their sadistic deeds must be stopped. They are destroying our country.

The Constitution rests faded, obscured from sight. The media attempts to parade the 2nd Amendment ruling as the biggest Constitutional news in years, but the people know better.
The U.S.A. PATRIOT Act has destroyed any resemblance of human rights our nation once briefly possessed. Everyone is tracked, without notice, and often without resistance. Friends have already become informers and even those who stand valiantly are ignored and by entertainment and fashion norms, pushed back from the spotlight they so justly deserve and our nation so desperately needs.

The 1st Amendment is forever gone. Just go to the streets of our cities, college campuses, or the green reserves of our American forests and you will see the destruction of law. Go to the National Party conventions and go to the free speech zones there, and you will see the destruction of law. Held in barbed wire fences patrolled by armed guards, and you will see such zones are destroying our democracy.

The 4th Amendment is forever gone. Nobody's information is ever anymore private. Privacy sits at the foundation of human freedom. The ability to freely live our lives without such unnecessary interference and intimidation from our government is the essence of our freedom.

Dwight Eisenhower once asked,"How far can you go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without?" That is one question I would like to see President Bush answer.

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