Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disgusting War Pigs

Its one thing to hold up an image for the sake of yourself. Its another thing to use that image and completely subvert it in reality, to dupe the public, and run all the way from the bank in mad gaffing laughter.

Such is America's experience with its political leaders. And the next generation of power hungry fascists shows little hope. For instance, Barack Obama's constant shift to corporate-interests has made even his positive campaign gain black eyes and stunning jabs by his once won-over supporters. Now, for domestic spying by the government, for drilling in nature preserves, for war with Iran, all come to dominate his discussions. Its remarkable that he has not been brutalized by the public or the media for such disdainful moves and outright fraud.

And to speak of their visits to AIPAC, the globalist kingmaker of the world, plotting which Arabs to bomb next. Whenever Barack Obama or John McCain, or Nancy Pelosi go to AIPAC, and promise to protect Israel at all costs. I become absolutely disgusted by the social arrogance and political pigheadedness of our supposed national heroes. Rather than standing up for our principles of freedom, peace, and prosperity, these bozos promise to protect everyone in the world, but us. And it is true, all they care about is protecting those who scratch their back. Yes, that's right, big oil companies, communication conglomerates, the military industrial complex, and resource guidebooks from communist China. How dare they rub our good name in the mud, and go around waving flags, piping of their good deeds and benevolent nature. Bullshit! You and I know it, don't believe them, do not compromise with them, and do not buy into their games of playing social doctor to cure the world! All anybody ever wants, is to be left alone! That's all we ask for, and if these clowns knew the first thing about America, they would know what it is the nation wants and need.

So, this election cycle, don't trust the media, don't trust the shiny image they might give you or the excuses or practicalities they'll tell you why you have to vote a certain way. Remember, the answer lies with YOU, and only you can make change in this country. So when they tell you one leader is fit to become king and lead us all at his little tantrums or raging whims, do not accept it! We are the people that are the rulers, not them! It's time to regain what once was ours and restore the Republic and ourselves.

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