Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti: Newest Target in War on Terror

Trouble was brewing in Haiti long before the now infamous January earthquake left over 200,000 dead and Port-au-Prince in a charred heap of helpless rubble. The United States government involvement and often occupation of the storied democratic nation has only worked to sour relations with Haitians while in recent years literally killing any chance of restoring democracy to Haiti. The U.S.'s support of former 'President' Batiste Artiside, one of the most notoriously corrupt Haitian dictators, throughout the 2000s led directly to the lawlessness and looting which reigned right up to and through the horrific earthquake tragedy.

But now rumors of renewed occupation are rife across Haiti and even more insinuating in European political circles. French and Italian relief effort ministers have blamed the United States for inefficiency and misplacement of begging priorities int he relief effort. While French minister Alain Joyandet was the first to criticize that U.S. involvement resembled a covert takeover and attempt at occupation upon putting a questionably immediate focus on achieving military dominance over the island. The Associated Press reports that Italian minister Guido Bertolaso characterized the U.S. military's action as"out of touch with reality". Bertolaso also made calls for establishing an international position to coordinate civilian humanitarian efforts.

Meanwhile, a defiant and ever-obviously ineffective Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuted claims by admonishing those who dare criticize U.S. efforts. According to Ap, she stated "I deeply regret those who attack our country, the generosity of our people and the leadership of our president in trying to respond to historically disastrous conditions after the earthquake."

In ignoring her own advice that, "we are foolish to keep our head in the sand and pretend that we can't [accept reasonable criticism]", Clinton lashed out at those who recently grabbed too much attention by speaking up. Yet, the paternalistic tone of U.S. foreign policy antagonizes the world beyond any other degree in recent times. The military demands red carpet treatment always for Americans, and even in horrific disaster the Americans must be spotlighted as the heroes, and as that, entitled to command any and all relief operations. To the U.S. command, they are also entitled to the island's long term self-government over any practical objection and without any qualm of the moral hazard it reaps internationally or the lust for revenge it satiates to those far away who are death-defyingly defiant.

Clinton is the epitome of the pig-headed American, imperial with ambitions and shallowly low in moral qualm or class. As the top 'diplomat', or rather hard-headed enforcer, it constantly astounds and amazes that she's the best America has to offer.

But that almost sums up what Clinton and her shadowy band of puppet masters want it to be all about. Security is becoming a dangerous phenomenon and Clinton boasts herself as a big fan. But what she and other international conspirators do not boast themselves on is people, and it's become painfully clear that people were certainly left out of this equation.

The people of Haiti are the ones suffering and for Clinton to mar that by chiding the international community and furtively waging war on Haiti, she and the U.S. government are sorely mistaken of what the word "relief" means.

The AP also reports a confirmed 60 U.S. deaths in the Haiti earthquakes. It remains unclear how many of these deaths involved U.S. military personnel.

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