Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Death of Struggle?

Good old fashioned hit' em hard came around down
and self-defense's right to strike lays trampled on the ground.
No one seems to notice the flag bearer fall
Our sacred values, our very own with too much gall.

Riff-raff considered unconsidered,
and those with might not ever allowed to fight.
Knock 'em down with a pre-emptive strike
Humiliate 'em all and laugh in embarassment alike.

It is hidden or maybe left behind,
but that ardent swagger's gone alright
and conformity left only to stand in its sight.

With tentacles so epic reaching ablight,
the conquering vandals cover all with fright.

Time to bring it on.
If you still have some, you may lay it on.
With broken spirit and threatened lives, will the brave
stay on through the night?

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