Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forever Young

Last Saturday marked a day of nationwide protest against U.S. interventionist policy abroad. Groups gathered in a plethora of cities to protest the current two wars which mindlessly continue after the Bush/Cheney PR-billboard was painted over.

The numbers of participants limited, criticism abounds. Critics' vocalizations however tend only to mock and contribute to the sadly successive procession of co-opting the silent majority.

For those who think critically and can recognize this pattern of deceit, an open book of possibilities will follow and enable them to attempt with certainty an answer to these trying desperate questions. And when these ideas are leaked and disseminated into the general cultural psyche, there can be no box big enough in which to contain its expansive influence.

And those who doubt our belittled passionaires of history and truth, they too soon will become overwhelmed by the boundless tide of revelation and swept away to equally righteous conclusions.

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