Friday, January 2, 2009

Sitting In a Food Court

I’m sitting in a food court, staring aimlessly around the blank white walls
Gazing here and there at others but careful not to cross eyes
lest one be seen in a naked moment

I wonder about those others,
my supposed companions chomping down on their McFood glories
Are they happy with for here or to go? Proud of the slithery convenience this life has wrought?
Or are they like me? A bit embarrassed, even ashamed of their trappings,
The plastic chairs from China, the shoddy hard-topped tables,
The gleaming white sterile floor?

Was this what our society was aiming for? Or only a consequence of our lack of fulfillment?
Our settlements for efficiency and comfort in the sub-par

But it quickly became obvious that the food court extended far beyond its material form
Silence gripped the air as words became interference, an annoyance reserved for undesirables
Those who did speak held their words close, only vague utterances came forth
Personal affairs were to be regarded as loathsome subjects, never to be revealed

I looked down at my clumpy color mashed pizza, warm but not hot
And took a further bite to quell my thoughts
When out of my eye entered a beautiful young woman
She turned, and assumed a seat near to me

As she began to sit down and take out her micro-digital meal
I thought about who she may be

Dressed in dark hues with soft close robes
I drifted into her see,
Glasses mounted on her face, clean-cropped brown hair falling down
A skirt so neatly trimmed; even warm black socks to fill some space
Her aura was cool, her senses clean
Maybe she’s beyond the realm of sensitivity!

But, as much as I wanted to stand and shout
Shake her and say, “Come, let’s be free!”
We sat there trapped in a food court
Rotting out like it’s part of taking the lead

Alas, life is short and we too often waste our time
But in the end, nothing was said,
More souls now gone on an American spree

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